Ink'n'Paint Artifacting


I’m fighting an unending battle between ‘everything that needs it gets inked’ and ‘lots of unacceptable artifacting’:

This is a kitty model I’ve been making and using Ink’n’Paint materials on it; the cat will not be seen in any shot further away than you see in this picture.

The problem is that the kitty has toes. And if I set up the Overlap or Underlap to try to ink the splits between them, suddenly the far kitty model looks like it’s been scraped at with a charcoal stick:

And every time I tweak a variable and it solves a problem, it creates another one.

Does anybody know more than I how to bend Ink’n’Paint to my will enough to accomplish my goals (ink the toes; no garbage lines)…?


Have you tried variable Ink with?


To no avail, yes.

This’ll help:

Those are the settings I used to produce the image in the OP.