Initial rants / wishlist


Nice thought everyone!
I agree with Baron about the description.
Now as far s organizing ones gallery:
When I want to move an image from top to say four places down, I find it completely cumbersome to have to wait each time the page to reload, (four times) once for each position.
It would be much better to be able to move , organize your gallery, and then hit an “apply changes” button so the page reloades once only!

Also, to be able to create subfolders/galleries with a specific theme ( 2d, 3d, Project X, etc)

It would be nice to be able to upload multiple images at once also.

And be able to add comments under an image you like., not to have to go to a cgtalk thread.


A good example is the way Flickr does it: with the Organizer (using flash), the sets, the comments on the fly, etc.


Once I work out how, you should be able to arrange images like something like happens on the google personal frontpage (just drag and drop).

I like the idea of folders, I’ll keep it in mind for future revisions;

We are working on an upload engine.

Comments will be available for all threads in the future, once we migrate to portfolio for all image hosting;



Great work and many thanks to the CGS staff. CGPortfolio is a fantastic addition. I’ve been browsing the beta portfolios and came across one small item that I think would be nice to change.

Would it be possible to implement the option to hide the date of birth just like the CGTalk forum profile? I saw Rebecca Kimmel’s DOB listed as January 1, 2000. I’m pretty sure that she’s not 6 years old. :smiley: I don’t mind people knowing my birth year, just not my birthdate. It may be that I’m overly paranoid about privacy/security issues, but my doctor’s office verifies my record by asking my DOB.

Also, if the portfolios are to be used to showcase one’s work to potential employers, it may be a good thing to avoid potential age discrimination issue/law in some countries. Although the issue may not be applicable in other countries, but where I live (US), one is not allowed to ask the age of the job applicant during an interview, however young or old. Minors are an exception.

Thanks for listening.


Thats what i wanted to talk about . As the amount of images in the gallery grows it seams anoying to push the arrows wait for the page to reload and move to the top go back down and press the arrows again to move the image. Would be nice to just click and drag on the image thumbnail and push it where u want it in the gallery .


Some ideas…Please feel free to look for the holes in them.
[li]SLIDESHOW[/li][/ul]A slide show feature would be awesome.

Imagine if I could send a LINK to prospective clients, they click on this an they see
a slideshow of SELECTED pieces form my portfolio.

[li]Project based BLOGS[/li][/ul]It would be cool if separate sections could be carved out in the cg porfolio for WIP projects.
Hell we could encourage the participants of a cg challenge to use the blog to post pics/ status and updates on a project.
[li]Fill able Online Contract Forms[/li][/ul]Imagine if we could offer the ability to have contracts for services in the site.
Among the forms I have in mind:
[li]Request for services[/li][li]User Requirements Forms[/li][li]User Acceptance Forms[/li][li]Billing form…wich leads me to:[/li][/ol]
[li]Credit Card Payments.[/li][/ul]Allow people to use our site to solicit business and for prospective clients to PAY THEM using our site. A deal could be made with a company like Paypal to handle this.

And in the future…

We should imitate Atom Films and offer content from our members to other distribution channels:

AtomFilms on Thursday announced AtomFilms To Go[b], a new service aimed at users of video-capable portable media devices like the iPod and Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)."




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