Initial rants / wishlist


ah ok…hmm…I think I recall from Leo’s Video that after he clicked in Steven’s Portfolio that it showed the about page first and then he clicked the gallery tab. That kind of confused me.


hi, i just have checked my test account at cgp, and after visiting this forum, mostly all things which comes to my mind where answered right now…:wink:

but as i see there are alot wishes for features in the new page, i will not be the last one who says anything :stuck_out_tongue:

i don´t know if a button with the function:“i´m available for employment/or not” will be that usefull, as an artist who is in need of an employment has the ability to post a blog.
and also has the artist,(from the viewers point of view) the possibility to put infos about his kind of status,ie.: hobbyist,student,etc… so that everyone can get an indepth account of whats going on with that person, and if that may be the right person to offer a commission(for example)

this does lead me to my next query:

would it be possible to import rss feeds, or a blog from another webpage with an import-option…

(i don´t know how it works,but i know that it works, my webadmin has managed it, that i can update the journal from my homepage with every new entry to my…)




Not at the moment, but RSS is something we’re interested in looking into.

Absolutely suggest new features - they may not make it into this revision, but that doesn’t mean they won’t go anywhere.


Here are some Ideas / Whishes…

[li]My Portfolio :: wouldn´t it be nice to see how your portfolio at the moment looks like? at the moment you have to type your username into the adressbar e.g[/li]
… how about a quicklink to see your own portfolio?

Ah… found it! you have to klick on your username on the top left :slight_smile:
It´s a bit hard to find out… thanks KIRT 4 the cool hint

[li]Ballistic / CGchoice-Award :: How about a extra information about the awards/publications you have for the images in the your Gallery.[/li]
e.g. you klick on an Image and see in whish Books the image is puplished, what kind of rating it has, how many people watched it since you have posted it etc…
[li]BLOG :: How about to have the ability to attach a small image with your BLOGS…[/li][li]RANDOM IMAGE :: I would like to have random option to my GAL. [/li]
Something like button that enables a random function…
[/ul]So far so good…
Cheers :beer: Alex


It seems you can already do this - just try the ordinary VBCodes



:bounce: Nice to know! thanks James!


One wish from me:

Add Favourite Picture instead of the whole Portfolio.


some good ideas in here folks :slight_smile:


hi folks,

just want to add some wishes here, because i like those features of different sites, and it would be great feature to cgportfolio to have them gathered there…:

-blog header and footer for customization
-avatar beneath title of blog / journal entry

  • a calendar attached to the blog, for events, dated notification, etc…
    -detailed statistics of comments and pageviews, a breakdown of week, month, year,etc…
    -a moderated feature of a daily favorite, chosen by the visitors favs
    -a favorite ranking system instead of a voting score
  • function to display similar keywords, when typing them, and show how many times this keywords where used by visitors at this day

also i haven´t found out if there is a possibility to choose a featured image to a cgportfolio, instead of having the recently uploaded one shown…

just brainstorming, i hope there is maybe something usefull for you guys…
you just did a great job!



you can change the order that images show up in your gallery, by entering the gallery management, and moving images up and down (there are little arrows to the right of them)

the image in spot #1 will be the default image shown if you go to your homepage, or gallery.

Out of interest, going to your URL sends you to either the first image in your gallery (if you have any images turned on) or your About page.


my wishlist/comments:

  • would be nice to have a word count while typing the description, since it’s a 100 characters minimum, and if you’re under, you got to fill in most stuff anew
  • a warning that a submission should be 600pixels wide/high minimum - could be written there as well
  • when submitted, I get a message “Image saved” - could it be in GREEN instead of RED, like the errors? Just to make it simpler :slight_smile:
  • software used list - could we have the software that is selected in our “personal details” on top of the list? it’s much easier to choose then, instead of having to scroll all the time
  • have the date of birth, or any other detail selectable NOT to show on “about page”
  • on portfolio home - how about “newest” portfolios as well, instead of just most popular ones?
  • “your work is featured in…” - please add the latest book here too (Painter)


  • I submitted an image, yet it’s not showing up (the thumbnail) and it’s not clickable. In fact, the image isnt uploaded either, even when I click “edit” - it’s not there.
  • tried submitting second image, and got this error: “The uploaded image file could not be converted.”
    It was a jpg, saved in the same way and prog as the previous one. Tried another program, with the same result.

Thats about it for now. Sorry if some of it has been mentioned/requested before :slight_smile:


Please please get rid of the “100 characters minimum” Artwork should speak for itself - you don’t get essays under pictures in real art galleries :slight_smile:


I totally agree.


i agree with Baronimpossible,
either a shortdescription, or an extended depiction with minimum 100 characters…
but a short description with minimum 100 chars is a little bit controversial …lol



i just uploaded a sample image just to test things out… it submitted it to CG Gallery [or whatever] and got rejected. i can stand the rejection, just a sample image. but that should be an option some where else, or have it unchecked as default.

otherwise, really nice addition.


There is an option to submit to the gallery or not just under the keywords box, if you uncheck that, the image is posted pre-rejected;


i just started to get through the pages, so just a little request for now.
just about every application known to mankind is listed, but not EIAS or Electric Image Animation Studio. would be nice to add, hey, we recently got our forum here, so a few users will be using the portfolio.



My only suggestion right now would be for the front page of the CG Portfolio portal to also display a “random” panel of portfolios or images. It’s good to see “featured” and “popular” stuff, but a random panel would increase diversity and traffic to artists that might not otherwise get seen.

I’d rather see some different stuff everytime I visit the site, not the same images all the time.


I’d rather see some different stuff everytime I visit the site, not the same images all the time.

I see different things each time I reload. It is quite random as far as I can tell…


I’d like for the editing stuff to be laid out a little better, so I don’t have to scroll down to get to editing different parts of it. It’d be nice to have a “edit” link off of each display section, if you’re logged in – i.e., if you’re looking at your own gallery, you can click an “edit” button to go to the management section for your own gallery.