Initial rants / wishlist


Front Page

  • Want to see ‘latest submissions’

  • Featured Portfolios drop down isn’t clear.

  • Popular Portfolios – Show me an artwork, not an avatar!

  • Popular Artwork – Show me a name associated with the image!

Navigation In General

  • A “home” button to get me to the homepage of the CGPortfolio


  • Link in to community for each artwork - Comments (xx). Link to CGTalk thread.

  • Standardize the fonts used for the gallery…

  • Make sure that the VBulletin tags are completely stripped e.g. “[/size]”

  • Needs to be made clear that artists can and should replace the banner across the top.


Would be nice to know where I am in the CGPortfolio. Browsing around, you get lost pretty easily and don’t know how to get back, or how to look at other people’s portfolios.



On the HTML Titles <title> tags, use meaningful titles such as “CGPortfolio - Linda Bergkvist” so that when you’re bookmarking the page, it bookmarks something meaningful.


Adding to favorites.
Needs to be more obvious when you are adding a favorite artist what the heck is going on.

E.g. Click on “Add to Favorite”, go to page that asks “Do you want to add xxx to your list of favorites?” and you click Yes.

At the moment it simply plonks you into the favorites page without any notification.


I know I want it to add XXX to my favourites :wink:

Sorry couldn’t resist.

not really a rant a such, but wondering about the guestbook avatars I’m seeing, shoudl it be our cgtalk ones or our cgportfolio ones?


also, whyh is the personal details picture 155x155 while the Avatar image is 175x175. Kind of annoying to have to worry about two different dimensions for these.


In the Employment section of a profile, we have the options:

Employed Student Freelance Hobbyist

Surely there should be a “Currently available for employment” option? :wink: I know that would make things a lot easier for recruiters who are searching the site.


Definitely, though wouldn’t be bad to have that as a seperate option. i mean students may be almost finished and looking for work, Freelancers may be looking for jobs, People at studios may almost be done contracts.

it would be a good idea sort of like on Linked in, where we can simply indicate that regardless of what we are (student, employee etc) we are looking for work.


Throughout the site, you should see your Portfolio personal image, unless you haven’t uploaded one, in which case you should see your old cgTalk one. We wanted to give users the opportunity to have a high resolution avatar within portfolio.

The 2 different sizes were because one is meant to be an avatar and one is meant to be a portrait - yes, i didn’t think the 2 different sizes made much sense either.

I think “hobbyist” was an attempt to politely say “unemployed” - remember this is the first stage of the portfolio, the employment options are set to be added at a later date.


Sorry double post.


Some questions:

-How do I see the portfolios that are not popular? Do I have to search them?
-I tried to upload a big pic (2.9 Mo) as a test: It just doesn’t work, but I can’t manage my portfolio anymore…

Great job from the whole team, It’s indeed a very powerfull tool.


yes I see that, but when I look in the top right corner of my guestbook I don’t see a moose ona blue background, I see my cgtalk avatar with the stupid christmas hats that seriously needs to be updated :wink:

When I go to stalhbergh’s portfolio, his image is a woman in a white bra falling, but his guesbook image is his cgtalk avatar of a face.

Thats the one I’m asking about, is there a reason its our cgtalk avatar and not our portfolio avatar image.

The 2 different sizes were because one is meant to be an avatar and one is meant to be a portrait - yes, i didn’t think the 2 different sizes made much sense either.

Yea I see how they are different, I’m using different images for both, just nice in photoshop to slap two images into the same croped window, save our jpegs and be done instead of having to change image size a little bit. a minor convenience thing I guess not an real issue.


But what about professional folks that are between jobs? Aha! Out here in California, the vast majority of artists working in the film industry work on short contract jobs, and are therefore always looking for their next opportunity. There are also those folks who get laid off and need to find new work.



I second Leigh ,

I know its in the works but , Hobbyist is not a way of saying “currently unemployed” hobbyist means some guy plays with 3d on his sunday. It would be great if the “currently looking for work” option is added with a additional “willing to relocate” or “looking for job in X city only” type options also.

Also it would be really awesome if a “View my portfolio as others see it” option , i cannot view my portfolio been browsing around for 30 minutes but didnt find an option anywhere.


I concur.

From a personal POV, I’m mostly unemployed, but sporadically working freelance gigs - so I would no doubt have that option checked at all times if it was available.



It would be nice to be able which part of the portfolio shows first when someone clicks on the actual
Right now it seems to take whatever tab I was looking at in a previous portfolio.
Or is it just firefox acting up?

I asked that in another thread but I guess this is the one to actually ask questions :slight_smile:
Will there be a feature to link future posts in the forums to our portfolio? Right now the older submissions are linked automatically in your gallery. Will that be like that in the future too?


I think if you click on your username in the top left, then you will see the portfolio as others see it. That’s my impression anyway. :shrug:

I also like the idea of “currently looking for work” option to be added. It could serve as a better function than the “Artists looking for work” forum here on CGTalk. Expecially if it’s a searchable keyword.


yea, although if there is some bigger job search sort of feature in the works down the road i’d be interested ot hear what that is. woule be nice for some sort of simple feature till that comes.

Kirt I think your right about seeing it how other see it being your picture/username on the top left. thats how what I thought it was. Can’t see any difference between what Isee there and what I see on yours for example.


Kirt got it right, the link at the top left that is your name takes you to your portfolio from the outside;

you should also be able to find it at


It SHOULD show your gallery first, and if that isn’t enabled your About page.