Inital IDEATION - what would you like to create in this course?


Hahaha yeah, it can be funny get a little twisted on that concept!


I think I was going to go back a few years to a really good source of inspiration and that was Half-Life. I am wanting to take a location in real life (which I’ve already found a great spot for) and add in a research complex nestled within the mountains surrounding the natural feature of a Volcano. Spent a few hours on Google earth picking a spot and I think I’ve found one so I think I just need to gather resources for what other types of labs/facilities we’ve already built look like along with a nice collection of science-ey stuff like radar domes, dishes, antennae, and other interesting architectural features.

I’ve never really done architecture before so I think this might be a bigger challenge than I can complete. I have another idea that I’d like to try as well soooooo I might go that direction instead. I’m an avid fan of the very non-visually appealing game Dwarf Fortress and I was also considering creating a scene from somewhere maybe within a dwarven colony or something like that haha.


I could not think of that word for the life of me when I posted this (bioshock), I know it challengeing but I need to push myself out of my comfort zone,


Ack, everyone’s aiming for epic stuff! All I know is I’m swinging between going for something I probably can do - natural organic environment - or go splat like an egg against a wall - city scene with nothing but architecture - except I’ll have guided learning with this splat!


I’ve been working toward a fantasy environment with a temple/ruin concept. Perhaps some ancient technology. The focus would be an ancient doorway set into either stone/a mountain with a path leading up to it with obelisks/pillars leading to it. Still considering a distance view vs close up of image. Will be posting my piece sketches in next few days to show some of this!


I’ve never actually used my drawing tablet to paint before. I’ve used it in 3D Coat and Mudbox mostly so when I tried sketching the other night everything went splat hahaha. Also I think the lot of us, as artists, always aim high for epic things.


Lol, just another way to ‘paint the town’ - with these splats!