Inital IDEATION - what would you like to create in this course?


I thought I would open up a pre-course introduction on what genre and topic you would like to do in this course?

For example i would like to do a fantasy adventure environment. My scene would be oceanic and coastline oriented with a city or temple as the focus.


I want to create science fiction and wild west combined environments


Something In line with space cowboys?

Or cowboybebop?


Yea, more of this:


In my case. Would some basic. I don’t have a lot knowledge about drawing but I can complementary with 3d and with the that learn here. I would like a art of science fiction mainly, a landscape desert but with some things or buildings building, even why not? maybe a launch plataform for any spaceship or spacial vehicle in middle on desert.


From what you describe something like this might suit for a kickstarter. Starwars series has come out with some really great scifi desert scenes as of late.


That could be quite interesting.!

I remember the first time i took a look at space cowboys when they se the ship. I was super stoked and found it amazing how people can mish mash styles and generes together and create solid concepts.

:slight_smile: Cant wait to see what you put together.


exactly, but if I can’t make something like this maybe I interesting in something how the job of MuYoung for example this piece of mars more easy for me make like it but with buildings or pyramids o related.

Of course I want create pieces like Star Wars or, nature landscape or urban (like urban markerts or bedrooms futuristic) but with topics about cyberpunk, future, biopunk and things related with it. But something like this is perfect for quick started. I want picture the reality and everydayness of our life “normal” but after to hundred or thousand years ago on future. How would look a little girl or kids (of different species or robots) playing in a street and aliens species and robots adults around they. Or how would look a pregnant woman walking on beach but in the background a futuristic city or cyberpunk city. Stuff like it.


Castle for sure! or enviroments cyberpunks maybe…


That’s quite funny, I’ve had this idea of a bustling coastal city in my head for a while now.
So your suggestion falls right into what I would love to do!
Maybe with some dragons flying overhead :smiley:


I would like to make a mysterious fantasy city in dark colors.


my purpose for this challenge is learning to do medieval, cyberpunk, futuristic and mid west envyroments, i also like to learn how to do digital art as well as im an traditional artist focused into painting area. i like very much the art from the warcraft III cynematics, and SC II, and really like all that is relationated with series like ghost in the shell, star wars, and all related with the dc and marvel universe, also like all the stuffs with a time/robots tematic.


to be able to handle a simple but complete scene creation process. Also something with a building in the scene. Maybe a desert and a building perhaps?


I was thinking about giving myself a challenge. I always had difficulty in environment because I never know how much detail I was supposed to fit in. So the idea is to draw a city with enough details to understand the scale, put in a way that is not too busy and does not rely too much on photobashing.

I made a moodboard some weeks ago for the main city of a story I’m doing: I want a port city that looks industrial and alive but maintaining some of the natural beauty of the original place, like plants and blue waters.


I think I’m looking into possibly steampunk or underwater enviroment.This would be challenging to me.


I’m really into fantasy/ post-apocalyptic environments. But I’m open to any environments since it’s challenging to me in general ^^’


I would really like to create the final location for my dungeons and dragons campaign
So a fantasy castle that’s set in a different dimensional plane,


Myself, the environment I aim to produce is a particular Keyframe scene for my current university project, a science fantasy environment depicting a large group of cultists worshipping a sinister, monolithic cube.

It’ll be a challenge for me as I lean more towards rendering organic shapes and elements, though at the same time I suppose it’ll be much easier in hindsight to paint a giant cube, haha.

This moodboard captures some of the scale, texture, color and mood the environment and subject matter will generally have.


Why not do both!!!

I think of howls moving castle when I hear punk and castle in the same reference :slight_smile: .


I think that is soo doable. I cant wait to see how you use these references in the course.