"Incremental Updates" on R21 Perpetual Users



One of the things I look forward to in R21 is the Node Editor API. Basically, you can automate the creation of your materials which is essential for pipeline.

However, in this Redshift thread, it says:

The Nodes SDK that ships with the initial release of R21 does not yet expose all the UI features we need in our ShaderGraph. . . From our end, most of the Nodes integration work in the Redshift R21 plugin has been done, we’re only waiting for the final SDK to be released so we can ship the integration.

The current version of C4D is R21.022.
Does the further versions such as R21.05+, for example, includes the “final SDK” or will it count as an incremental update? Basically saying only R22 available for R21 perpetual users.

Thank you for looking at my problem.


I read the same Redshift thread and thought the same thing. I’ll be mightly unhappy if R21 perpetual upgraders don’t get the ‘final SDK’ version as having the new node editor for Redshift was one of the things that tipped me into paying the final MSA / upgrade fee…


I think the confusion is in the word “final”. The redshift thread has been updated. The SDK is being shared this cycle with select 3rd parties and they can use it. It isn’t planned on being “final” as we are still developing it. But we are planning the changes Kosta talks about now and will update when we have a schedule.



Thanks for the clarification.

Looking forward for the best.