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Hey guys, need an insight. I run 3ds Max alongside Corona renderer. My work is simple. I receive FBX or Revit files from my client which i convert into poly and start adding textures, other vegetations and render. The files I receive range from 1-10 million polys. At the start ( before hiding layers and combine) it lags a lot. I was thinking to do a mini upgrade to my pc. Do I upgrade my CPU or ram or GPU?

My specs are 3600x, B450 TOMAHAWK, 5700xt and 32GB corsair 3600ghz rams, 1TB Samsung m2.

Thank you!


To be honest, I have a similar PC with those specs and a another PC with double those specs.

3dsmax wont improve much even with double the specs, the issue is Revit models are unnecessarily heavy. They need to be optimized before bringing into 3dsmax or upon import. upgrading will give you maybe a 15% increase and totally not worth the money for this type of workflow.

My thoughts are this - bring in the Revit model and optimize the geometry. For example: Check the small details, if you have screws and bolts with 15k polygons then its not optimized, multiply this by an entire building and you’re in for a nightmare. Set the lowest subdivisions possible on import and then use a plugin like Sini Software to optimize even further where required (combining geometry, welding verticies etc). Sini uses C++ plugins which means it runs very fast in multithread and can reduce a lot of headaches when it comes to typical archviz workflows for base creation.


Hey James, Thank you for your response. Really appreciate the recommendation on the SINI aswell. I l have a look around.


I’m sure you could do “not a mini” downgrade and have same performance.

1 - 10 million polys is nothing - for kind of work you’re doing

I can’t believe in 15% increase as @James said, not in anything in “pure” Max, not involving rendering plugins

In (somewhat) older Max versions that would mean everything except “actual” rendering
In newer - same + working in mat. editor

Not that in older version rendering plugins are not involved when working in mat. editor but things are/were not
that bad and broken like in newer
I highly doubt hardware (cpu) upgrade would help here


Still haven’t seen anyone said that didn’t get any performance boost after HW upgrade.
Come on people, you can blame friends or parents who force you or buy that against your will :rofl:
Like everybody works for amd or nvidia