Importing of large files with manymaterials/textures


I have a set of large files (800k to 1+million faces) with hundreds of materials and textures (one texture per material) that I have only been able to import into Silo where 3ds fails utterly.

Is it possible to:
Get all the materials and their textures linked automatically instead of a manually?
Have the model’s individual objects renamed so they are imported individually instead of as a single object?

I have not seen any way to do this with Silo in its current state but an update possibly? I’m working on a game (released and working on a new version) with various environments. I have a large city scene I want to use for some of them but it would take far too long in Silo to reassign the textures manually. The objects are combined in Silo on import which makes it impossible to access the original, individual objects to work on them separately. I could export it to 3ds Max but I would rather just stick to Silo rather than start up that bloated turd.