IMPORTANT NOTICE: Gallery/WIP Thread Posting Rules


Gallery Posting Rules:

  1. Meaningful Thread Titles and Posts

Format: “category: title”

e.g. “Environment: Church interior”
“Character: Killer cow”
“Vehicle: BMW Z4”

Please provide the following information:

  • What this artwork is
  • What type of critique you want
  • Any other pertinent information - software, etc.
  1. One piece of art per thread
    We need this so that if the image is included in the CGNetworks gallery, it has one thread to point to.

You may post multiple images of the same artwork - e.g. different angles and wireframes.

  1. No “Check out my portfolio” threads
    Only post the image that you want critique on.

  2. No Image Flooding
    These forums are to obtain critique, not to showcase your portfolio.

  3. Use appropriate forums
    Do not post Work in Progress images in the Finished Artwork forums.

Threads started that do not conform to the above rules will be closed or deleted. If you get a message from a moderator asking you to RTFR (read the fine rules), you didn’t follow the above.