Import Cinema 4D animations to three.js (via the WEBGL Renderer)



I’m not sure what category to post this in but tomorrow i’m planning on making a looping animation in C4D, being sure to texture the model via uv maps and pbr textures made in substance painter. I’m going to use voroni fracture if that bring up any complications.

I want to import a c4d animation to three.js via the WebGL Renderer

Im not that experienced with C4D nor javascript but I’ve got a deadline to finish my website in 5 days so im hoping that you guys could help me out.

I know there’s an easy method when importing models made in blender to a website via three.js but i dont know of any methods via c4d… I know my terminology is rough, im a beginner and really want to get this done tomorrow. About to head to bed so I wont respond in about 10 hours. I’m also not sure on the export settings for the animation.

Three.js has a website but for some reason i cant post the link for it.

Cheers guys (I know i’m very very inexperienced so sorry in advance for the troubles. The way i’ve described what im after is very bare bones so sorry about that)