I'm very bad at texturing Help.


Firstly hi everyone. I need your helps please show me a way.

I am using 3ds max almost 4 years. I’m modelling hardsurface things I mean inorganic models. Firstly I am doing high poly model. And I’m baking it for normal and ao map. everything is good until I came to texturing. I am freezing. I am very bad on texturing. How can I improve my texturing skills? Making good texture is about with artistic skill or something else? Should I improve my drawing skill and art skill?

Here is an example. I modelled this model yesterday. But I couldn’t do texture. I screwed up again.


I dont see why you could not become good at texturing. If you want to learn mari my youtube channel have a lot of material. But really finding flat textured photos as a basis is often the first step. very few textured objects is all handpainted. good textural reference and looking around you on objects will take you a long way, the rest is just knowing the software


I’m using photoshop,
is that bad choice for texturing?
The reason of why I’m bad at texturing is probably I always used photos as texture. My technique basic and worst. So I didn’t make a texture for a iron shield. I will look your tutorials thanks for your reply.


there is a Non commercial learning edition for mari. so yes its more suited to texture a 3d model.



Okay first I will look your tutorials. If I understand the program I will buy it. I have to improve my texturing side. Thanks.


start to download the learning edition before buying. its free :slight_smile: yet limited in a few areas. But for just learning the basics like your shield it will be enough.
Happy painting