I'm looking to buy a Perpetual License of Marvelous Designer 8 or higher


If anyone is:

-Willing to sell/License Transfer theirs due to no longer using it


-Plan to continue subscribing to the software and consequently don’t need a perpetual license

I’d like to buy the perpetual license from you. Willing to pay a premium and will offer one

Please reach out at ssjgogeta34@hotmail.com and include Marvelous Designer in your subject if interested.

I look forward to doing business with you.

Cheers and Warm Regards


Unfortunately, Marvelous Designer is licensed, not sold. As such, anybody with a current license cannot re-sell it. More over, according the the EULA, that license is non-transferrable.

Also, if the current perpetual user plans on moving to subscription, sale would be impossible even if the EULA allowed for it.

IOW, you’re out of luck. Sorry.


Really appreciate that information. Thank you for your time.


No problem.

I know how disappointing something like this is. It’s not like the old days where software would come in a box and on disks/CDs. You could just up and sell that sucker like nothing. Nowadays, with everything being digital, the illusion of ownership has been dispelled.

Software developers have since become quick to remind us that their software isn’t actually sold to us and never was; We were only buying a limited license. SO, technically, even if you have a perpetual license, your ability to resell might be restricted much in the same way as if you had subscribed instead. (I vaguely recall instances where ADSK would aggressively complain about users trying to sell their unused, old licenses. It’s a thing, I guess.)

FWIW, if you’re a Blender user then you might also want to look into Garment Tool. It’s not nearly as robust as Marvelous, but the concept is pretty much the same. Create a pattern. Stitch it at the seams. Simulate. With enough practice, you can actually come up with some convincing outfits that include ruffles, pockets, cinching and so on. It’s really quite good for only $54.


Yeah it’s unfortunate. Was planning to buy MD a while ago (perpetual license) but wanted to wait for just a couple more updates too many.

Subscription model for every software I use just isn’t practical for me and I’ve taken a hard stance against any software I can’t use perpetually.

I already own perpetual licenses of Autodesk (Entertainment Creation Suite), Adobe (Master Collection), Zbrush, & Substance and juuust missed out on adding MD to that collection.

I do have Blender as well and its cloth tools look very impressive. I’m hoping Zbrush brings more cloth simulation/creation features to its software before they go completely to subscription as well.

Garment tool looks like a fantastic consolation… especially with Zbrush and Substance in the workflow.

Thanks again^^