illustration :: iceboy


here is another work for my portfolio … i guess i should be posting everything all at once to save space but i am sort of making them as i go allong.

here is the newest from me.

A concept image of a boy with his happyness. The image is to convay a sureane stillness and possibly a solitude that is really served to calm the minds and hearts of young childern.

with an irrie twist to it.



nice stuff I like it. Good colors too.


here are a few of my personal fav elements of this image.

thanks alot “idiot box” i am glad you like this image it is one of my favs from my current gallery. i want to get a few more works together and be off to collage for 2006, hope i get in. :slight_smile:


Very nice composition and painterly feeling…
Well done…



Yup’ great.
Of course one could argue the lights/shadows are maybe not perfect (real black behind him, but his coat is still brown blablablah), but that’s not the point of this artwork and it may ruin the readability, and the mood is here and the ice well rendered (and as it’s used for young childrens, it doesn’t need a macabre contrast^^).

Just a bit more sharpness in a few places of the picture would fit my tastes better, cuz’ your shading technic makes me think of Hyung Tae Kim’s art, but it lacks IMHO those detailed and sharp parts (like this girl’s bracelet).


that fellow looks like he knows what he is doing. but i guess for a 12 hours works its ok… i hope it gets me into collage.

but as for the rest of it anything that anyone spots that i can works and impruve in the future please make note. i would love to hear. if its trash … or if you like it. let me know anything.


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