Idea of a highly customized tool shelf


Idea of a highly customized tool shelf.

Hi guys,I about to redesign a tool shelf for scripts management(or command shortcut), highly customized just like maya shelf.
Because i also a maya user, i like this way for shortcut. And i have a tons of customize maxscript.

base feature:

  1. Tab page
  2. drag and drop script command to create a new button.
  3. drag and drop to reorder the controls
  4. shelf editor

for maya:
as you know, in maya every shelf’s defintion be saved as a single mel file. After you save the changs of the shelf in maya.The mel file also be changed.It’s good for migration.

Something of my wishlist that i have no idea.

  1. Button Data Struct
    what about creating a button base class?(eg. sytle, command, order etc.)
    and using a single ms file for saving a list of buttons in the same tab page.
    create button instance from reading the ms file.
    is it work well? and the data struct looks like?

  2. Update the data file
    when create a button or reorder the buttons, how to update the data file?

May be you have a better idea for this stuff?

I prefer using MXS+DotNet.

Thanks for giving me a favour.

Run an MCR file but ignore its macroscrip header?

I prefer MXS+WPF.


Hello MZ,

I saw you talking about WPF all time.and i learn from some of your code so long ago.

why do you think WPF is good for this case?

while WPF, how to save the user data?
or could you show me a demo?



if you are planning a new 3DS MAX UI solution for the future, do not waste your time playing with anything other than Qt


That’s exactly what Max needs,
another Maya user to play with UI
Dont forget to rearrange, change and rename as much things as you can. Because it can be very helpful in learning process and consistency, for example with Help files


But doesn’t Ribbon already provides that?


:roll_eyes: yea, you got me, don’t know what to say…
Somebody should tell to people that everything is already invented - multiple times


Not sure how it’s behaving on new Qt stuff

Guess Enhanced menus is retired
Too bad because it was great workspace, at least for starting learning period - so for about first 10 years


ProRibbon by @jonadb


Thank you all.

@denisT, you always telling the truth.


@domos, @Serejah, I know what you’re talking about. I have used Customize Ribbon since it born.
It’s very powerful, so it is quite complicated and not easy to use( For most users ), just like what we do in visual studio.

Disadvantage for most user:

  1. who don’t like ribbons, even hide it, especially for users with 1080 resolution. It takes up a lot of workspace.

  2. Customization is very complicated.

  3. You can only call registered commands, extend other commands, you need to use “Maxscript Button” or register your own Macroscript. I don’t think ordinary users can handle it. For example, using a “Maxscript Button” to run a mse file.

  4. It’s not easy for migration.You need to move the “.ribbon” file and collect all of your macroscript by hand.

  5. etc.