Ice Monster and Rider


Ice Monster and Rider. 3d studio Max still project. Eventually will be animation. Critique and Comments always welcomed :smiley:

[li]Model Monster - 100%[/li][li]Texture Monster - 100%[/li][li]Rig Monster - 60%[/li][li]Monster Walk Cycle[/li][li]Monster Run Cycle[/li][li]Model Rider - 40%[/li][li]Texture Rider[/li][li]Rig Rider[/li][li]Monster and Rider Sequence[/li][li]Matte Art for background[/li][/ul]Scroll below to follow along. PLEASE C&C, Thank You :bounce:


Didn’t like the first model so I remodeled the entire thing. Here it is, UVW Mapped and rigged. Now I gotta paint it.


i think you need clearer muscular definition. right now his body looks like it’s made out of paper mache because it lacks clear forms. and those forms lack volume. and blood pressure – mammals are comprised mostly of water under a higher pressure than their environment, thus all that water is pushing outward. But the water surrounds the muscles, thus, a mammal’s body (with low bodyfat) is visually just a bunch of interlocking, bulging, convex forms.


I very much agree with you that it looks a little off and that a well defined low-bodyfat mammal is a bunch interlocking convex shapes. However, the problem I have is that I want this to be a strong creature that also has quite a bit of fat reserves as it is a winter creature. Any ideas how to get rid of paper mache look without making it super well defined?

Eventually it will be covered with hair too


So I tried this new plugin called Ornatrix. This thing is amazing. I can render what it takes me 10 minutes in shag in 19 seconds in this. THANK YOU MARSEL!!! :applause:

Anyways, I’m going for a polar bear crossed with a wholly mammoth look. Any suggestions or comments. Also, could someone give me some suggestions on the skin? What kind of texture should I slap on it? A lizzard’s scaly skin doesn’t quite fit. But it also doesn’t look like a mammal at this point. Suggestions? :shrug:


bump Hey guys I would really like some suggestions on texturing before I start tonight.



Hi, hum…i like the monster but like you said “need texturing” ok you can try making a dark textur under the eyes and on it feet have sides all clean but the top should be a bit darker *like a sunburn Good Luck!!


Made a texture last night. Gah, finally got around to actually spending some time on this. Photoshop 3 hours. So much for keeping my skinning parameters. After using DeepUV, it wouldn’t export so I had to use the 3ds export. Now my skinning parameters are gone. Waaahh :cry: ! Oh well at least the texture is shapping up.

[li]Texture seams - There are mad texture seams on this thing. But it doesn’t really matter because those seams are going to be quite covered with hair.[/li][li]UV map issue on the nose and eyes - still gotta tweak that. Didn’t have to time to fix that last night.[/li][/ol]To Do
[li]Finish painting the legs and make so toe nails.[/li][li]Make a set of teeth… i might end up not doing this[/li][li]Make a bump map and specular map.[/li][/ol]C&C’s welcomed as always.


looks really wicked dude! =D i cant understand how someone can create stuff like this… =D

i love the texture… really alive :slight_smile: the eyes though… it think it looks… uhmm they lack soul =D i know its ‘easy’ to capture a soul in eyes… i know ‘evryone’ makes perfect living soulfull eyes…


but i had to come up with something =D great job dude… you are my god =D


Here’s some renders for hair and no hair. More on this here:
I need help deciding which method to use! :cry: I 've been tweaking this for about 2 weeks and getting nowhere fast please help. :banghead:


Well… looks like I’ll have to settle. Thanks to all those who helped me. :thumbsup: This isn’t as high quality as I would like it but I did manage to tweak ornatrix, lights, and my renderer to get some nicer color in the hair along with ray traced bump maps. Check it out.


Hey guys, long time no update. I’ve been on a business trip this last week and haven’t really had time to do anything with this. Anyways, I rigged up a skeleton and I may put some IK into this. The envelopes are way wack and I really need to put some bulges and joint deformers in it, but all in all its ok as of now. Please C&C!

Below is the finished rig.


I think I understand where you are going with this… I always wanted to do a hairy creature… Don’t exactly need more muscle definition but instead I believe you need muscle exageration so the shape can be seen reflected on the fur…
Great going… good luck



i am not very good for animation, but i can critic for modelling :slight_smile:

ok, you’r mesh is a good shape, but, like you use zbrush, you have to make a good displacement map, with all bulge/muscle systeme appear on the mesh, then use Vray displacement (don’t like vray for still pic, but for animation, that the must !!)

for ornatrix, i have try it, but shag hair is very powerful…, you have to choose between both :slight_smile:

so go atmaweapon, be as powerfull as the one on ffvi :wink:


Well took a slight break from this guy. But decided to take another look. His got a physique modifier on him now but physique is so freakin slow?! :cry: Why?! It takes like 3 seconds to refresh when I change the envelope setting! Arrgh!

Anyways, here’s a small update. His finally not floating anymore!! :applause:


Sorry dude I suggest you to do a new One… I don’t likeit or remove the Fur


very cool !


Looks really nice so far; only critique I can give is that the tail looks a bit too blocky - it doesn’t have the natural feel like the rest of the creature.


Firstly; Thanks for your link to: normal mapping in C4d (posted on my thread).

If Physique is too slow… Why not give “Skin” a try if you’re using Max? I find it pretty cool.

I like the colouration around the eyes and mouth. :slight_smile:

constr-crit: Maybe a more “dumb as an ox” look might be nice.


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