IBL question


I’m working on a scene using IBL and I’ve run into a issue. I’ve attached two images for comparison. The larger image is mine. I’m simply trying to match the lighting but I’m not able to get it right. You will notice that the cans in the photo have a nice sheen and metallic look to them while mine is still on the flat side. I would like to know what I can do in order to enhance my render to give it a more realistic feel?

I’m using three spotlights and have used numerous different HDRI images to which all have given me the same results. By increasing the reflective levels on my cans will just turn them into mirrors and that will lose the entire effect.

Thank you.


That’s probably a wrong setting in your shader and the maps connected to it. It’s not the IBL .



Any thoughts as to what the setting may be? I’ve been playing with them for a couple of days and I’m not able to change it.



You have to provide screenshots and scene file so people can help you.
Double check the Arnold documentation .


Sorry about that. I initially did attach the maya file but it obviously didn’t attach it. I tried again and still no success. Does this site allow project files to be uploaded?


I’m sure it does, check the help page…also Mental Ray does not exist anymore, there’s no point in learning how to do this, it’s extinct…you will loose precious moments of your life.
I would highly recommend starting right away with a new renderer…like the next hour.
Try Vray, redshift, arnold and renderman for starters.


First of all get that light from behind the camera out of there! That’s the worst place for a strong light, and notice the front of the cans in the photo are darker than the sides anyway.

The sheen could be done by putting the textures in the reflectivity channels instead of diffuse, except for the white parts. There’s barely any diffuse in the silver, blue, and red parts of the cans, they’re just rough reflections. A little Anisotropy might help too.


I just found the notice that you replied to my posting. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the suggestion. The image I posted was the first test render but I’ve made changes since and I’ll go back and play with your ideas as well.

Thanks again.


You need to increase the Metalness to 1, Roughness to 0.5 and add coat with small values.

There is bunch of free metallic and chrome Arnold shaders here that might help.