I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


just checked out this forum and think its awesome… anyways here’s my first sketch i made in 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s is quite tough to get a drawing done in 15 minutes… still struggle with every aspect of it lol…


Been almost 3 years since I’ve done this. I’m really out of practice.

I ran a little over time, with a short break to chat.


I know what you mean Junpei. I’m commiting to post a couple of sketches in a few days and I’m already nervous. :wink:


Paulhellard: Cool, I look forward to seeing those sketches :deal:


15 minutes I swear… well, somewhere between 15 min and 15 hours :'9

PaulHellard better post those pics or there will be mob justice.


:wavey::bowdown::buttrock:LOL!! Now you really made me nervous!! :slight_smile:


Great thread! I really long to join in - much into drawing and painting from photo refs. Brb i hope :-D…


This was really fun! :cool:. Here’s my 15 min study of the first ref:


Great to see this thread still going on :slight_smile: nice studies, guys!


really like this thread :applause:


another one:
15 min.


15 min.



I’m new in drawing and currently studying anatomy and figurative art, these are the copies I’ve done from master drawings, the woman lying is a copy from photo I’ve found on the internet. wanted to add some shadows for more volume but didn’t finish it… all was drown with pencil. I haven’t got any tablet yet :frowning:


15 min sketch.


15 minute sketch. :applause: :slight_smile:


Keep the thread alive. :slight_smile:


I am pleased and excited to see this thread still alive. All the reference images that were housed on my website, are back online now. I barely use that website anymore and had no idea, until I got an email, that all the images were offline. Anyway, please forgive me sketchathoners and keep drawing!


tried to do one, how do i art :stuck_out_tongue:



  I ran into this thread and I'd like to post some.  It would be inspiration to keep up with sketches.