I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


heh, been a long time since i last posted here :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, I wanted to get a bit more confortable with Manga Studio, so i thought this might be good practice.

(the ref. photos i used, were from the 16th page of the reference thread)

those took me about 15 minutes to draw. and about 5 minutes to put the raster fills, except for the last one, that one took 10 min. to put the raster fills (or how do you call that. pattern?)


Hi there,

I think they’re called “screens”, but I don’t really know.

Those drawings look very nice, minimal and condensed to the bare necessities.


Nice drawings!
I really like the 2nd one.


Hey, new here. Been lurking a while and first time posting.

Two 15 min sketches. I feel like im missing something fundamental but i dont know what. Any tips? Also, new to tablets >.>…lol


#1 http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/6707/1669088552b74b17285opi2.jpg

#2 http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/8600/1654647600ac06e00beofj7.jpg



I love the idea of this 15 minute sketch. It’s actually quite addicting

all 15 mins

all critiques welcome, Thanks

oh yeah the reason I’ve kind of drawn all female is because I’m modeling a female in Zbrush right now so i want to make sure I can actually draw the female form.


I included too many images last time so i couldn’t post all of my drawings here are the rest. only like 4 more it think

Thank you


15 min in photoshop.


still on the early pictures here. I’ll try to do one of these every day. I did this one and I’m thinking if it’s worth placing it next to the photo. Now I’m just focusing satisfying the pixel parameters rather than the drawing itself. I guess with or without a photo you guys will be able to see if I did a good gesture or sketch right? So with that said, here’s the side by side pic, but from now on I’ll just post the sketch. I tried to keep my lines clean this time. Thanks for the suggestions.


not sure if i accomplished much with this one.


photoshop 15 min


15mn ps


I want play too, 15 min. But i spent more time uploading the image.


@ Lapis: that’s some cool stuff.

@ Terrextre: lol how come it took you so long to upload it?

@ ceax: I think the legs are too short in both sketches, but maybe someone with more experience than me could point something out.

Here’s my go at it (gimp and tablet):


And some more:


Hi all. Great work in this thread!
I just started sketching and I’ve been practicing with the reference stuff here. It’s great to see all the different takes on the photos.


Hi everyone, i’m from argentina. The sketchs are really good. I hope some day be good as you.
This is my first post of many i hope.


Hi everyone. I’m from argentina. The sketchs are relly good. This is my firtst.


[Painted on Wacom Intuos4 & Corel Sketch Pad]


Free hand with a 6b pencil.


Well here is mine for the morning going to try do one sketch every morning before i start the day. Using my tablet so got to get use to usin this too.
Any tips advice or crits welcome.