I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


about 20 min


nice one dim!


gorgeous work Cyanid and Rebeccak! 0.0

heres my stuff :S
12 min. with a pencil and… maybe 5-8 min. in PS?

10 min. pencil

but i couldn’t resist giving a quick color job in PS, maybe 20 min.?

and heres the last one, 13 min.

and a quick photoshop makeover. i quess about 15 min.? (also made him resemble more like the guy in reference foto)


Hiya everyone! waves

This is my second post here and will take 24 hours to be validated because I am new to CGS.

So I look forwad to the tomorrow’s 15 minute pose. Thank you!

Hiya Rebecca! (This is Andy :))


Good to see this thread still active. Welcome aboard, Andy! Looking forward to seeing your work here. :slight_smile:


Hey all.

Well this is my first attempt at this. i figured i need to get my drawing skills up to date as i feel they are not. So here goes.

Did this during lunch.


ok this is my first post here.
I’m trying to achieve more ability in looking at tonalities more than lines…and I never draw men…so I decided to start from here :argh:

comments welcome ^^


Pretty purple.


Hi! First post :slight_smile: I think this thread is a great idea, so I’ll try to make posting regularly a habit.

Anyone else use Illustrator for drawing?

Somewhere around 15 minutes:


I really like your style! Where did you get it from?

I think I’m slowly getting the legs right…

Around 15 minutes:

Around 5 minutes:


Started sketching with Photoshop instead of Illustrator. It’s going quite well!

Around 10 minutes:

Around 10 minutes:


Great work with the sketches Squis! The Illustrator sketches have an interesting style. I’ve never thought to sketch in illustrator before.

Here’s my latest Painter smoosh. 15 minutes + jewellery & hair time.


Squis -> I like much your illustrator drawing…
That make much time I don’t use illustrator for drawing, but that was my real first drawing software,
many years ago of course…

Aviva -> nice interpretation !


Hi! Great stuff guys! My frist try in this thread :slight_smile:


First try but already very good for me :wise:


Ello, i’m amazed how much you guys get done in 15 minutes.

 Here are my tries:

The head was a real struggle on both of them. I used up my 15 minutes in both. wish I hadn't wasted so much time on the background. :)


Hi, this thread is a nice idea. I did my first digital 15 min scatch.


Thanks Lemog!

Welcome first timers! Keep it up - you eventually get more done quicker. :slight_smile:


Hello there. I’ve just started getting into drawing seriously now so I feel this place is the best place to start. Hopefully I’ll keep working on the other drawings (No, I will) and I will improve. But here is me starting.


Hi folks.
Lets see one of my Tries. 15 min on Photoshop.
Some Painter following perhaps.

I was just reading along for the past 3 Years and i got my Intous A4 since 3 months.

I saw this thread and was extremely overwhelmed with drawing up to now.

More is coming up.

@ Seabean: I like your line structure. Very gentle drawing but still very good shapes.
More attention should be payed to the gravity and how the body is balancing.
The arm position is not 100% right.
Also the paper space could be used better, but that´s a minor Problem.
But very nice for 15 min and furthermore for your first :slight_smile:
Kind regards.

Next Day.
Painter Essetials 3: First scetched with pencil in black.
Light shades with Aquarell->Blur Color
Then Light with Airbrush



A 20 min doodle on that women. I lighted the original up and used only smooth brushes in different sizes. Photoshop.