I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


My first real attempt at doing a digital drawing. Couldn’t get the images to line-up in PSCS, and decided to dump a color layer part way through. That’s all I’m gonna say. Next attempt will be much better.


Good first attempt Asatira. I think I immediatly deleted at least my first ten attempts at drawing digitally, takes a while to get use to but I’m sure you’ll improve with each go.

Did these a while ago before I started in my new job and things got busy. Think they took between 20-30 minutes.


here my first sketch about 18 minutes


A quicky


another one

disproportionate very big head…


again again


8 minutes

mmm… in 17 minutes make shadows or adjust figure?

5 minutes


Around 7-10mins spent on this on first try at the 15 min sketchathon and first post on the forum overall.


16 min, too slow :confused:


fun. 13min


hi all, I am new to this forum… here are some of my quick sketches, enjoy!


Welcome! :slight_smile: Your images are not appearing, but there is a tutorial on how to post images to forums here:


Looking forward to seeing your work!


Could I add also to try and keep the images to 800x800 pixels please! The images far excede my monitors size.

To do this, if you have Photoshop CS or a newer version, go to Bridge, clear once on the files you saved the images under, go to tools at the top of the window, photoshop, then click on Image processing. Now set the width and hieght to 800 respectively. It will not stretch your images, but will just shrink them to fit within the borders.

If you get stuck with the above instructions, please ask where you get stuck.


whoops, can someone delete this post


[left]Ahhh… okay here it is… i copied the link of the website instead of the page >< well enjoy…



Nice movement to these, keep going! :slight_smile:


Mmm…I’m not sure if this thread is still active :0 But might as well give it a try

First one. Should redo it.

Second one…


Hehe thx Rebecca for this cool idea!! I know I found this very late but better than never :slight_smile:
Here are my first few, most are 17mins because thats the perfect time for me :frowning:


Great sketches kischi! :slight_smile:


I just wanted to add a couple of my 15 min sketches here… They helped me alot with understanding Painter more…