I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


I would love to see how you would deal with the rest of the horse Rebecca! You can almost see those muscles quivering with power.

An eagle. The legs kinda grew too long when I wasn’t looking.


Becca - nice horse

   some quick imagination stuff




Another quick one for today


tizianoadmirer - nice sketches

a quickie no ref



“My body, your body, everybody, move your body…” Argh! That song’s stuck in my head, and all it is is that same line, going round and round relentlessly.

Took this to a further state of completion, which can be seen here. :slight_smile:


Whoooooo,Love this thread!!Love it!!
Amazingly inspiring!Hope I can do some sketches this week!
Many,many great sketches!Congratz on this thread,Just love it(did I already say that?)


Hi all! :slight_smile: I just found this thread, and I figure this is the one I want to call home! I loved scimming through all 143 pages (>>;; I have no life) But I had a quick question:

Is anyone still posting up images to do the 15mins on, or is everyone just showing off quicky drawings and telling the time? O.o;; I wanna follow suit, I’m just kind lost as to what’s going on.



Okmer, Keanna - welcome - Jump in!!! The water is fine :scream:

A 18th century type guy from imagination…



KeannaRoar, welcome! Kudos for going through the entire thread, that is quite a feat! :slight_smile:

Tizianoadmirer has been fantastic about posting reference. You can use the reference he posts here:

I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 1: Reference

or you are free to use your own. Looking forward to seeing your work! :slight_smile:


Yap well had some time this afternoon while my lunch break,he,he.
My stomach is mad at me because I spend it drawing.
So much fun doing this.YEEEEEE…
Well I did 2 of them…
THe first one for about 20min…

And the second one for about 18min…



OKMER, great stuff and great to see your enthusiasm!

Gord, great to see your sketches, keep going!


Latest exercises. Horse was alright, I think, considering I’ve never drawn one before.




Well, its more like 17 Minutes…
And I didn’t see the “Just the guy, not the lady in the background” instructions until after I finished. oops. :wink:


Hey I’m new. It’s great to watch what you are creating.

Here are my first attempts:

Each 15 minutes in Photoshop.



Welcome! :slight_smile: As someone new to CGTalk and to the Anatomy Forum, I encourage you to check out this thread:


Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:


Just got back into sketchathloning :slight_smile:


here are three recent works with Artrage
it is a good activitiy to improve skills

this one is on time

this one i have correted once due to the head fixed wrong position

and this borrowed time for 1~3min


This is a fun thread! 15 minutes for each of these two…it’s difficult but good practice.