I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


Hey all,

Wow, there’s some incredible stuff in here! Excuse me while I drag down the quality a little :stuck_out_tongue: This was the first thing I drew after a very very long period without drawing. Here be a scribbled pup!

Spent round 15 mins. :slight_smile:

  • Tess


A couple more from today in ballpoint - Llynna’s promised to scan hers tomorrow ;):


Matellis - some really good worl

Mr Mu - nice drama in these

Becca - great cross contours

ref source - Facial Expressions - an artists reference compiled by Mark Simon



thats for the comments guys! here are a couple more 30 min sketches


A few more :slight_smile:

Humans are not my strong point…



matallis - wow looking good - lots of improvement since I last saw your work!









Gord, you are one of those artists whose work I could tell a mile off…:slight_smile:


Nothing special, just continuing to do some 30 minute cross contour drawings - these are pretty basic / beginning level drawings, yet it’s so refreshing to do them - I think it’s actually helping me a lot - 30 min each:


I am actually really intruiged by those drawings. I had never seen drawings like them before (“benefits” of a total lack of art training…:smiley: )

I think I would love to try them, too.
Look like a 3D mesh wire.


Heya Mu. :slight_smile:

Am sitting in on this drawing class to sort of observe the teacher - and it’s about a sophomore level drawing class which has been really great in terms of reinforcing the basics.

Essentially this is a cross contour drawing. The goal of it is to essentially recreate the topology of the face as best you can. As the teacher describes the process, you are to look more at the model (yourself or otherwise) than the paper - and really sort of pretend as though you are an ant on the surface and describing the terrain. He has us doing 5 self portraits a week, which is why you may see a few of these around - believe me, I’m not vain. :smiley: But it’s a great exercise to try and really not very hard once you get the hang of it. The main thing to look out for is when form is above the eye level and when the form is below. You want to try to recreate the perspective of these lines - sort of like this, but in organic terms:

[left]Maybe I’ll write up a tutorial, I think this is a highly useful exercise. I have more examples of drawings I’ve done, but they aren’t really great, just useful as practice. :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca - I’m also fascinated by your contour drawings. The contour lines provide a great sense of volume and accentuate the features – all the lumps and crevices of the body. I would love to see how you go about drawing them, if you have time for a tutorial. You seem to do heaps around here, so kudos to you for keeping this place so well maintained. :slight_smile: What course are you taking? Your understanding of the human figure and its muscle structure is astounding.

Gord – great faces, I love the bold brush strokes you use.

It’s been a bit of a hand night tonight, I started off with this, then drew my left hand four times.


Rebecca - thanks for takin the time to explain, I will surely give this a try!

believe me, for all I care you could be running around in silk pyjamas and readymade makeup for breakfast and inquire on a daily basis with your magic mirror if you’re still the cutest around (:smiley: ) as long as you fill this place with these lovely drawings of yours.

Aviva - hi there, I am not sure if I have seen other drawings by you already. Here’s a suggestion: darken down your canvas from the beginning so the lighter values stand out more. The overall contrast of your sketch is very low and the value range above 50% (guesswork), so the light values have too much to compete against.

Looking forward to your future stuff…


Hi Mu, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll up the contrast next time. :slight_smile: The only other things I’ve posted so far are on the previous page and in the sketchbook thread I started yesterday. Not much there yet, I’m just getting back into drawing.

Here’s my latest attempt, went way over time, but its the first time that I have tried to concentrate on just drawing a human in a long while. There are a lot of errors, like the elbow lacks definition and is floating instead of resting on the knee, and the foot looks demented ,but I felt that 40 minutes was long enough for a 15 minute sketch :stuck_out_tongue:


i am really new to drawing (i bought a tablet some time ago but never really used it) and i am studying hard to get it right (and practicing)… I got Villpu’s gesture dvd a couple of days ago due to Rebecca’s suggestion and i find it great… This is really new to me so any comments will be welcome… each one was created in no more than 10 min.


Snow day today, yay!

30 min sketch from reference (tiziano, you rock!)


30 min from ref:


(faint) looking at Rebecca’s lines…