I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


Back again… glad to see this thing is still running. :slight_smile:

picking it up where I left off…
all OC1 + graphire2


here is mine!


I have neglected this thread that helped me speed up my drawing and painting and now I am paying for it.

Thanks for all who have been keeping this alive. I’ll try and do more, even if its a couple a week.


Thanks to QS for getting me back into this. :wink:

For the interested, here is a screenshot of my setup:


Another 2:


gddamnit Queenie, loong time no see!


Howdy Marlon! Yes indeed, it has been a long time. Work, work, work and lots of other commitments.

Still got it going on with Kitty.


Impromptu session on irc yesterday:

edit: Forget it, the advice obviously isn’t welcome.


30 Minute Sketch / traditional this time:


15 min sketch

here are my 30 mins sketches from the irc speedie




long time no see…:smiley:


oily smeary pen variant in painter and simple softedged round brush for blending

EDIT: MATT! freakin awesome… you practised secretly, admit it!..:thumbsup:


Another 30 min sketch session:


heres another 30 min sketch people! woooott


Not really happy with this one, 30 min - the head ruined it, so I’ve edited that out: :wink:


and here is another 30 min sketch :slight_smile:


and another 30 mins sketch


Damn Matt, that one’s a beaut. :slight_smile:

Much happier with this one, 30 min:


Matt, wonderfully soft light gradations on your last one!

Rebecca, I’ll give some feedback as soon as I recovered from the flow of your lines…:eek:


3 times 15 mins… and I just couldn’t get this bugger to look right… meh


Thanks Mu, good to see you doing this too. :slight_smile:

Nothing spectacular, we’re focusing on contour drawings in the class I’m sitting in on, so here’s a 15 min trad. contour: