I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


20 minutes during the Fiesta Bowl, boring tonight!


Today’s 15… ok, 20 minute sketch.:smiley: During the Presidential address to the union. :rolleyes: This is a change from my average naked women.:love: It is a naked cow!!!:scream:


my first post artwork in cgtalk forum =]


Welcome aboard Endemic. :slight_smile: Hope to see your improvement here on the Anatomy Forum!


Hmm, 1 minute pieces are allowed?

Okay. okay, I will see about a 15 minute one :stuck_out_tongue:


This one is also done in Painter. I used Oils, and er, Bristle Oils 20.


Another one. Not sure on time (between 10 and 15minutes). Acrylics this time, in Painter.


Here is a couple of few minute sketches. They are not from the references on this post.

Fl3wk - Those are some powerful sketches. Great job!


aggie93: [color=Cyan][font=Times New Roman]Thanks. I seem to need this kind of compliment to carry on, for some reason :shrug:

I love the second gesture on yours.

[color=Plum]I used Tints for this one. Not a big fan of them to be honest. I found I worked better with the former brushes.



To me compliments and comments keep me going. This is a hobby for me, I am not making money for it. I have been involved in these forums for a year now and my skill level has dramatically increased for this very reason.


Here is tonight’s 10 minute sketch.


Broke the rules with this one. Need to hit myself with the naught slipper!


What did you do to break the rules?


Work for more than 15 minutes on it.


I can see now why people hate working in Low Resolution. I stuck to the original size of the image, and its all pixalated due to the low res. However, I do find my proficiency with the tablet is improving.


Photoshopped. The actual sketch was below 15 minutes, but I wanted to give him some clothing and stuff.


This is two sketches built on top of one another. It is from a book I bought over ten years ago. It is called How to Draw the Human Figure by Louis Gordon.


Oooh! This is fun :smiley:


I’m so happy I found this thread, now I can participate in a group activity and sketch on my tablet.


this one might have been a minute over.