I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


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thanks Rebeccak, i’m all set up now! there’s only a few in there for now but i’ll be working on that.


My take on the fifteen minutes sketchathon. For the rest I’ll await my vallidation since this is my second post.




Welcome! Some really lovely sketches here. :slight_smile:

I would highly encourage you and others here to participate in the ongoing Workshop:

Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 2 - The Torso

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!




Some more sketches:


The scans are quite blurry, maybe I should go for a softer pencil.


Sorry, it was not 15 Mins, deleted


Hi all! Great stuff as usual. took about 45 min. At 15 I had everything fleshed out and had the hair and legs as you see them. Just trying out some things I learned today at school.


My first 15-min sketch.




fooling around with marks and brushes


here’s one I did just now to get warmed up. tried to think before drawing the next line (you decide if it helped lol)

I like the hand study it’s very nice. would love to see oyu develop that torso a bit further and see what you come up with

werepumpkin keep ging :smiley:

Medhi, why not add both images, the first being the 15min sketch and the 2nd the final version? Would be interesting to compare the two :slight_smile:

craban nice work. you could try playing a bit with levels and brightness contrast settings with your scans to come closer to the real thing
mind the proportionson the arms and legs. you tend to draw one leg longer than the other in these ballerina studies.

Nice work everyone.
Oh and as our dear Rebecca mentioned, it’s always a good idea to have a look at the Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 2 - The Torso , no matter how skilled you are



Hey NR43. I checked out your sketchbook and you are coming along very nicely. Always good to see dedicated people. I could tell immediately that you payed more attentino to your lines. The lines definately make it more interesting.
Been looking at a lot of Kollwitz and Lebrun, so I redid in a similar style. Gave more thought towards the marks as well, so took a bit longer ~30min


15min sketch

couldnt scan in ref image… doesnt fit in on my flatbed



Thank you. (Still so many things to learn though)
I’ll get there if I keep working hard :wink:
I donnow these people you name though, could you give a link to some work?

Here’s 2 more 15min sketches…

Redwolf not bad, especially the face is good


NR43, TY for comment. I particularly like your 2nd peice Great pose and gesture. The line in the 2nd drawing by the figures right shoulder seems a little wierd to me. Would be intresting to see some more work posted on this thread. Any one else find it easier to draw on a darker background… Seems to be easier for capturing light… Any one else feel same… or… not…



Couldnt find a good Lebrun site. Just google Rico Lebrun. Could also google Kathe Kollwitz for more pictures of her work.


thanks for the link Devised_Poly,
interesting artists. Shows that art comes from within the body and mind and is a reflection of how the artist interprets what they observe in their very own way…

I think the pro’s around here will usually say it’s best to start with a midtone or dark background, since it’s hard to correctly estimate values on a bright background…
I’m not really the right person to answer this though, since I have a bad habbit of not creating enough contrast. Something I must work on…


heres another sketch. about hour or soo… i dont remember…


i hope i am not like posting in the wrong category or something… but here are some leg studys… and a picture which started out with hand studyies and ended up being a well… drawing.