I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


Post 2000!:bounce: (bonus!!!)


Helens,thanks :slight_smile: ,I used some violet ink
like the feeling of the last one you posted
mayabinary,thanks but maybe the compliment is for Stuker,just don’t want to steal it :shrug:
Well here some two minutes(each pose)I made them as my screensaver each one for two minutes and here’s the mess



hi everybody–


hi everybody–


nice work y’all

following drawn on black canvas with white charcoal brush in painter, then inverted. trying to handle light n shadows


trying to keep up with everyone here…

just a mid afternoon sketch to relax for a few minutes. 16 minutes


Hello friends !!!
I discovered this thread and decided to draw something.I tried it with the Aeon Flux actress.Im sorry but i needed 35 mins since im very slow in drawing and since i made the eyes and the hair at the end…
I see now that the head has a wrong angle than on the photo…


20 minutes and i painted this…i feel like I didnt come far…maybe i dont understand the exersize yet or im just too slow
First the painting itself,then the drawing on top:


This time i could hold the 15 minutes limit :slight_smile:
hmm im still looking too much on the real outlike than on thinking of the shapes it is made of like cylinders and simple opposing curves…that takes time and therefore i am slow…if i would simplify the outline i could have more time for a bit shading etc…
btw dont ask my why my drawing is a bit bigger lol



[/b]The point is doing a lot of these and finding yourself improving by doing so :slight_smile:
Your first took 35min, your 3rd only 15min and that one isn’t easy

keep going you’re doing great
btw, if you haven’t already, why not create your own sketchbook thread? That way people can follow up on your progress and you could put some longer studies there as well
You won’t believe how much progress you’ll make, driven by other cgtalkers’ comments (works for meh!)

have fun


D-Hawk,maybe try to draw some for a minute or two each one.This will help you to pick up the essence of it.In drawing gestures do not think what the model looks like but what is he or she doing.
Here are some links:
Glenn Vilppu

Walt Stanchfield

Hope it helps a little



Ok D-Hawk and I had a bit of a simultanuous drawing session earlier.
We took heartbeat’s advise and did a few 2min sketches, followed by 5min sketches
unfortunately we didn’t get to the 15min ones yet…
On his request I’m putting our drawings side by side, mine left, his right (allthough the point isn’t competition)




And here’s one i did in between those 2 when D-Hawk was on the phone:
about 4-5min

We both need more practice :smiley:
anywayz, it was fun and educational


hi this is mi first post and my first sketch ever lol

about 10 mins and with a blue sparkling gel pen!
any coment is much appreciated.



That’s a wonderful sketch there! Would love to see more from you
do you have a sketchbook thread here somewhere?

awesome! you seem to have a good eye for proportions. We want more… we want more…



Welcome to CGTalk and to the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile: If you would like, I am happy to do a little paintover for you to help you with your drawing.

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thanks for those encouraging messages
I surely will be posting more as a I develop, still I have too much to lear, just so much…

rebeccak, yes i would really love your help I just want to learn as much as I can, so please do help me.

all the work I´ve seen here is amazing, so really humbly I´ll work to get such level


forgot to include the picture. (and to lazy to do it now :wink: )

little more than 15 mins:

30 mins (couldnt stop at 15 mins :smiley: )

edit: tiziano thanks for the great refs you post…in my thread I have several more reffed sketches from your posts.


Good work Cyanid!!!

3 or 5 min sketch


all did less in 15 min…have problem calculate where pic goes= =…ah…i m bad…people’s art are just incredible…runs away…need more practice


NR43 thanks!

i don’t have a sketch thread up yet… i’m still kinda new to the whole workings of this site so i wouldn’t even know how to start it :slight_smile:

totally diggin’ the two minute sketches!