I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 1: Reference


hires pics from this surreal show


I’m sorry for wasting your time but I’m a complete newbie and what I’m going to ask would sound really really stupid… Even though I’ve search through this thread and the forum for nearly an hour already with no answer…

The images hosed on ImageShack that posted by tizianoadmirer is, I presumed, a thumbnail. My question is, is it really a thumbnail? If it is, how can you access the high resolution image?

I’m sorry again for such an obvious question -_-’
Thank you very much in advance!



No worries! :slight_smile:

If you just click on the thumbnail image, you will be linked to a larger image, which you can right click and either copy and paste into Photoshop / or save to your hard drive. :slight_smile:

Feel free to post any questions you have to the appropriate thread, as you have done here, or to send me or any user a private message (PM) by left clicking on anyone’s user name and selecting ‘send private message’.

Sorry as it took a long time for your post to appear ~ any new user of CGTalk has to have their posts manually validated. Now that you have 2 posts validated, your posts should show up immediately from now on. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the reply!

After carefully read it, I came to the conclusion that something’s not right. Probably something on my part. And it is! This is what the forum looks like from Internet Explorer…
I switched to Firefox and now everything make sense! I can see :slight_smile:

Rebeccak, I’ve been reading so many of your posts in the resources and tutorial section and I didn’t even realised that you have an avatar! Cool avatar by the way.

Thank you again!

Urgh! Just when I hit ‘post’ and the thread’s page reload with my new reply in it, everything turns back to the way it was! Even in Firefox!

Everything load just fine, except the picture code…?

Please help -_-’ In the meanwhile, I’ll try to access the forum from different computer…
Thank you.



Yeah, I hate IE. :smiley: Supposedly the new version (7.0) is better, but I would never go back from Firefox. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you aboard, and now that you have Firefox, I think your experience of CGTalk will be much better. :slight_smile:




i downloaded firefox, but i still can only see the links for the thumbnails for some reason… is there a setting that i need to switch on / off? :frowning: thanks!


i’m a dummy.

i had my images disabled from my control panel… i can see the images fine now… hides



LOL, no problem. :slight_smile: This website has more hidden features than the control panel of the Star Trek Enterprise, so don’t worry about it. :wink:




@ Kalai82: Don’t be embarassed. At least you found the ‘correct’ way to fix the problem. I actually get around it the hard way by disable cookie feature for my firefox (so that the forum recognised me as a guest and show picture as normal) and then log in and post in Internet Explorer… Your discovery helped me!


Some more to keep it going.



I’m new to the 15 minute sketchathon.

This is my first post…

And am very Excited abt it.


Stanlee, welcome to the sketchathon. :slight_smile: This section is reserved for the refs. I’ll pm Rebecca and see if she can move it for you . In the meantime, this is where the sketches are posted.



I came across this reference at www.drawingboard.org :


Incredible resource of every and any face imaginable!



another awesome site:
Hitchcock stills




Here are a few action capoeira shots. You can get more here


could be a fairy :slight_smile:


I have posted reference images that erilaz and I took at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC here ~ feel free to use as Reference:

Reference - Art from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC




another interesting ref source:



This sites sports section is a treasure trove of images! (which is not to say that there aren’t some poor images).
rock climbing/extreme sports/swimming/kayaking/team sports on and on…


but I’m still around :slight_smile:


source is from flickr, btw