I wish to zoom in viewport within background object


Hello everybody, i need help about how to zoom in viewport to be zoomed in within background object, is it possible?

I know i can just use the front view for example but in this case i cannot work in this viewport, that is why i need to be in perspective view and there i need to slightly zoom in to see some details to be corrected.

I am looking forward to see some tips and tricks guys :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Film move, film zoom, and film magnify. Although it sounds like there might be something newer in r20 and 21.


Hello, thank you for your reply but i do not get it, i am sorry. Sinc these days i have not figured it out…


If you use a background object it will always fill the screen, no matter what the settings on the camera are. (Even the viewport camera)

What I usually do in a case like that is make a plane object that fills the cameraview exactly, making sure it’s behind all the geometry in the scene. Apply the background image with a texture to that plane. Set the material to “No scaling” in the Texture Preview Size so you can see it at full resolution in the viewport.
Then use the ‘film zoom’ and ‘film magnify’ tools to zoom in and pan around. You can also manually change the Focal Length, Film OffsetX and Film OffsetY of the camera object.
I usually make a different camera to view the scene in close up, so I don’t mess up the original camera.