I want to learn to do this with the model's skin! (CGI / 3D)


Hi everyone!

I am new here and I have no experience in CGI or 3D art whatsoever. I am hugely interested though and I believe I can learn to do it, even just at the basic level, but first I need a little help to understand what it is exactly that I want to learn.

I am a visual artist/photographer, and I want to be able to do this with the humans that I am photographing. Basically I would like to create an image, and then, in the post production I want to make these humans look like CGI models. I am attaching some photos as an example of the type of models/skin that I would like to create.
As you can see, the 1st image has some body parts which are created to look like a marble (or some kind of material) statue. Is this something that is possible to achieve in a 3D software?

Does anyone know which softwares I would need to use to create this kind of imagery?

Is it possible to achieve these effects from just having a photograph as a base?

I am so sorry for my weird way to explain things. Like I said, I don’t have any experience and I don’t quite know the “language” of the CGI/3D artists’ world. I hope you understand what I mean! Thank you so much for any advice!

Thank you,


The first photo you can easly do with photoshop but you can even add some 3d arms and legs with 3d software.
For 3D you need more skills then photoshop, the rest of photo’s (faces) are photoshop effect very easy to produce. The ant and tear is possible to add with photoshop but you can do with 3D too like i say above for 3D you need more skills.
If you shoot the real photo’s and ad some effects to produce all that example’s then you have to learn only photoshop nothing else!
But you want to create some humans without real photo’s then you need 3D software and the one that you learn in no time is DAZ studio it’s free too.
The 3D humans are ready to use you must only give plastic skin texture pose them and render.
Examples DAZ studio => https://www.daz3d.com/people-and-wearables-genesis-8-female