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Hey! Here’s a thread about what stuff, plugins, SDK and etc C4D users wants to integrate into Cinema4D for it’s better and brighter future. No offensive stuff please - be constructive and polite) Hope it show some info on what people wants and needs to whole Maxon team with @dmcgavran

What I want to be a part of C4D:

  1. https://cascadeur.com/ for character animations.
  2. https://www.rizom-lab.com for modern yet simple UV tools
  3. https://insydium.ltd/products/x-particles/ for best particles systems now available
    p.s.: yes I want it to be a solid part of C4D)

Your turn!


I would be interested in why it should be integrated and at what cost.


What on earth have those developers done to deserve being acquired by Maxon?

I see these sorts of short-sighted sentiments posted on Twitter normally in relation to XParticles, what is it that people don’t understand about the need for competition and yet they yearn for monopolistic business practices? How much do you want to end up paying for C4D?

Each one of those groups of developers might NOT want to be acquired by any larger business especially Maxon because developing their own software is what gets them out of bed in the morning and keeps them motivated. Not everyone wants their life’s work to be sold to the man.

Maybe a better question to be asking is why C4D doesn’t have similar tools to those listed? What has your MSA been paying for all these years?

I challenge @dmcgavran to make sure all Maxon marketing material, in print, on the internet and presented by artists at their tradeshow booths is created only using vanilla C4D i.e. no plugins or 3rd party applications. How about being thoroughly honest about the state of development of C4D starting with your own marketing?

How about ensuring no more travesties like the video below turn up masquerading as C4D generated content?


My thoughts here are really simple - all that stuff listed by me above is something really outdated now in C4D and if it’s hard to make it inside then may be it’s more simple to get it already done by somebody else who already did it. I don’t know cost of that development honestly…
And it covers 3 most problematic questions as I see it: Character Animations, UV and Particles System. Of course there’s more - like more modern modelling tools or viewport performance and its capabilities, but until listed above features will not be done - we’ll be listening all those Blender’s stuff all around the C4D community which I’m actually tired already to read and listen. IMHO.
Sorry for my English)
p.s.: 1 more thing why I want it to be a part of C4D and not plugin or smth - it’s C4D cost even with subscription now available.


Why so offensive? There’s a lot of stuff done for C4D users already and I just want C4D to be more better in future without any additionsl cost above of course (Studio MSA is what I’m buying from R17 or R16 even each year and it’s nice practice for me btw).

Also for Maxon it could be great to have an Open Roadmap of it’s features so people can plan their expenses in advance and understand do they really need C4D product for their needs or not.


@E2GO don’t be so sensitive, my ire is not directed at you but a large faceless German corporation.

You have to face the very obvious facts. Maxon is under new management and the new management wants to cream as much money out of the user base for the shareholders as possible, that’s his job. C4D has either got very much more expensive if you’re a perpetual license owner or you’re paying the same money to rent software either way you pay more or get less thanks to the new direction.

Maxon acquired Redshift, they did not give that away free far from it. Despite having the worst renderers of any comparable DCC Maxon chose to charge extra for Redshift.

Do you really think this new management would buy out Insydium and give XParticles away at no extra cost? How could the CEO justify to the Nemetschek board he’s just spent several millions on an acquisition and he’s giving the IP away for free. At the very least it would be another paid extra like Redshift. You can make the same argument for any future acquisition unless it’s a burnt out old plugin like they’ve bought in the past.

How much extra are you prepared to pay for C4D/year? $1250, $1500 or more? Remember Houdini is perpetual and while it costs more up front you need only buy every 4-5 years so the cost of ownership is far less. If you qualify for the Indie license it’s $200/yr.

Maxon won’t release a roadmap have you not seen how they operate their blog?


@Infograph : I am all for a bit of critique, and I have no problems giving Maxon a hard time where due, but you need to take a break now. You are dominating this forum with your negativity. if your that unhappy, take it elsewhere. Take your love to another forum, that better fits your journey. if you love another, I am happy for you, and wish you happiness. But now, for the love of god, get over it. Give us all a break. Take your endless negative crap, and put that energy somewhere else. With all due respect, give it a rest now, please.



I agree with Info on a lot of his points – but I’m with Paul. I’m not sure this constant level of resentment and vitriol is healthy. There’s really not much you or anyone can do now the decisions have been made. Time to move on to pastures new.


I’m not going anywhere. Not sorry.

I have at least had the temerity to help a few forum users with problems. What do you ever do @CinemaPlugins .com other than promote your plugins?

You don’t have to read my posts, just skip them.


If you’re here to help people then great – more power to you. But constantly pissing on the C4D parade must be quite, er, draining.


@Infograph : All your really doing at the moment, is winging, venting, and pissing everyone off. That is not helping anyone, especially not you. I don’t post here often these days, but I do read here often, and lately, you seem like your breaking apart. I can understand your frustrations, but you need to be able to stop yourself.


Since I was tagged… Maxon will focus on making C4D and RedShift great and improving the apps where there are weaknesses. We will also make it a great place for plugin vendors to add value. It has been proven that a robust 3rd party ecosystem also unexpected awesome new tools. So as we look forward it is always about respecting both of these ideals.



Remember when cgtalk used to be good?


What, CGTalk used to have an “ignore user” function?


I remember those great days, I’ve lurked for many years. Those great days were when any dissenting voice was rounded on and run off this forum. I can remember many occasions when that happened. I remember particularly when an indie game dev began to get concerned about the non-development of BodyPaint, this is going back some 5-6 years and he was hounded off this forum. I used to speak to him on Twitter and last I knew he was running a very successful operation with other software.

I also remember a user mentioning the viewport performance around the R13 release even back then it was entirely obvious C4D had a real problem that needed to be fixed. Again this person was hounded off the forum it’s a running theme. I also remember that Maxon employees who were also moderators here used to actively flag posts with criticisms to get them hidden.

How well did this hounding of concerned users work out for you? You’ve now got Subscriptions with the option to pay much more for perpetual upgrades and in R21 the worst release in the history of C4D this year all while it slips further and further behind the competition in performance and features.

They were truly great days weren’t they? Well done, look what it achieved.


So what causes your tiny war here? Why R21 hurt you so much? As I understand from your profile you’re Blender and Houdini user so why it’s so much bothers you now? I used Max a lot before switched to C4D and it mostly ok for me and I know what stuff should be done in C4D so it’ll be Completely ok for me. I didn’t get it on r21 or previous releases but it’s still not a reason do declare a war and be so angry. Just can’t understand your position… Criticism is always nice to get but you’re not making it now - it’s just anger and hate…


Infograph has an axe to grind and it’s a very large one. I understand his pain, but I really don’t understand what he aims to accomplish., especially now he’s a Blender and Houdini user.


Well as a fact: Bodypaint, Uvw Tools, Cloth, Particles, Hair, Fluids, Liquids all haven’t been touched in a decade…the game engines today have superior tools in that regard than we have in offline rendering. TurbulenceFD was developed by a single guy about 10 years ago, right?
Look at the shear existence and current extend of Xparticles. Xparticles has become a complete suite compensating for the lack of an array of tools in the host app that many C4D people I know need frequently. Nobody expects Houdini power inside C4D. But should I really need Blender for a very basic liquids sim?


Let’s nip this in the bud, I’m not angry or hate anyone nor am I at war that’s absurd. It is you and you alone who is reading anger and hate into my sentences. That’s how you are processing an alternate viewpoint that you may not like.

It’s a discussion, I’m bringing counter arguments to challenge the group think. Come back at me with arguments why I’m wrong rather than trying to suggest I’m driven by hate.

@Darth_Mole, no I don’t have any pain to understand but if I can persuade one person to look at C4D objectively free from the shiny glitzy Maxon Trade Show showreel and consider other software like Houdini and Blender then if I have an aim that’s what it is.


Such a distant, hazy memory now. Sigh.