I want to become an expert in Motion Design (Illustrator / After Effects)


Hi !

I’ve been using this site for almost 5 years to solve issues in my past job.
After several thoughts and analyzing my life, I made a decision to become an expert in Motion Design. I want
to change a field, Code -> Graphic Design
And here is when I need your advice.
What is the best path/exercises to become proficient in Adobe AI and Adobe AE in 6 months? I have over 10 hours a day for 6 months. Please
help me with your advice.

Thank you team.


One of the greatest resources I’ve used for learning After Effects is videocopilot.net . I used this website when I was in high school to learn a lot of really good stuff for After Effects.


THank you for reply.
I’ve checked the web and it seems very useful.

If there are more resources, please share, I will be happy with it.

Have a nice day.


This course is pretty good as well.


Schoolofmotion.com is a good choice
If you need extra help just email me: aibrkhamis@gmail.com


What you’re waiting for go and learn those killing effects