I really hope Apple acquires Maxon now


It’s outrageous that at this point that most creative tools exist in a binary state of either “Rental Only” or “Free but no direct support.”

It seems that whatever company owns the software must use it as a loss leader to sell some other product (hardware) to just sell the tools to the people that need them, otherwise the company must convert to a cash vampire. I am curious to see where other people stand. Obviously, I know the blender people will just say to struggle with the free alternatives until they get good (or maybe I’m wrong?).

Perhaps if Apple sold more first party creative tools they would better support the features with hardware development. Seems logical to me.

There have to be some other people with some ideas about stopping and rolling back the “Rental Only” creative tools rage?


The age of the subscription based business model
is here to stay mate.

That’s the reality of it.


You say that until the freeware takes over. At this point if there isn’t a shift back to perpetual licenses I don’t even care if the freeware displaces “Rental Only” software.