I need to return to original state of plain before i applyed the cloth simulation Init state to it, how?

  • I have a plain

  • i apply the cloth simulation to it and i set the Init state to it so it starts from that at frame 1

And now i want to return somehow to the original plain object for some edits before the Init state

How to do it?


If you want to edit cloth, go to Basic tab and untick Enable, edit the cloth, go to Dresser tab and click on Init State: Set. Then go to Basic tab again and tick Enable. It is important to do it in this order and make sure you do it on Frame 1.


Thank you for your reply, i went through steps you wrote to me but i found out that this might be useful for me in other situations but this doesn’t serve me what i need.

This method doesn’t allow me to get back to the original state of object i assign the cloth tag to, it seems that i have to create beckup copy of object for those purposes each time i run into cloth tag…

I thought that i can simply go somehow back, i tried uncheck the enable in the Basic tab but it keeps the shape of simulation at frame where i uncheck that option. (i am able to edit the shape as you mentioned though)

I hope you understand what i mean


If you meant you simply want to go back to a previous state of an edited or primitive polygon without having a backup or using undo levels, then that is impossible of course. That has nothing to do with Init State.


That means that workflow for cloth simulation can’t be non-destructive? Is that right? If so, thank you for open my eyes :slight_smile: once again.

That means for example i create flag from scratch (+ create backup copy of that) than assign cloth tag to it… just to be able to go back to initial state of that flag object.

I do understand what Init state stands for, just for create the state of simulation just for the start frame of animation range