I need to create a Scripts


I everyone

!!! i need yours help !!!

i need an one Scripts ,

as like i always marge same file again and again ,

i need to create a Butten, just i click the Butten and the file will be marge

Here is the File path : “V:\Asset Clients\Toll Brothers\Rich Contemporary\Rich Contemporary FFE\Furniture\RC_Third Bedroom.max”




i’m not sure if you can use spaces in your filepath
if it’s not working try to add a double slash instead of single in your filepath

rollout mergefile "test" width: 100 height:100

button mrg "merge file" align:#center offset:[0,20] height:30

local thepath = "V:\Asset Clients\Toll Brothers\Rich Contemporary\Rich Contemporary FFE\Furniture\RC_Third Bedroom.max"

on mrg pressed do if doesfileexist thepath then (mergeMaxFile thepath #select ) else (messagebox "the path is wrong")
createDialog mergefile


Thanks , it’s works.

actually i have 3 Category Furniture and Every category furniture have 10 furniture . i need 30 button in 3 category and every button have different furniture merger

can you please create a format for me , so that i can modify the scripts .



it’s easy but requires you to know a little bit of rollout interfaces, check the following links

rollout basics

button layout

Sub rollouts

once you have the interface you can use the mergemaxfiles binded to the controls