I just did an Archviz Interview, but there's something I found weird


Hello CG Society

After 4 years of posting on the forum regarding tips on entering the industry, I finally did get one reply from a studio who invited me for a chance to work.

But before I explain what happened, I have to mention something first. Originally, I was a game artist. But then I went to school again and studied TV/Movie effects. And then a few years after I graduated, I was told my portfolio looked like Archviz and that’s what I should focus all my energy on.

So now… I can mention what happened.

When I went in for the interview, my expectations was this studio is looking for an Artist who can complete a solo project, with the goal of making the renders look as photo real as possible, while also having a library of 3D assets and materials to choose from, in addition to creating custom 3D assets as well.

But on the day of the interview, none of the above was present.

I had a test to create an entire Kitchen from scratch, using only an AutoCAD drawing as a template, and a single photo of the finished kitchen as a target. Everything was to be modeled, textured and lit within 50 minutes. However, there was no other reference material given to me. I couldn’t look up images of chairs or tables, I had to model them myself raw in just the viewport.

Needless to say, I didn’t pass this assignment.

However, even if I did, there was something that didn’t make me happy.

I thought in Archviz, my role would be like any professional modeler or lighting artist, and more time is spent on trying to make images as beautiful and accurate as possible? Instead, what the CEO wanted was really fast 3D renders of tech drawings, using all custom assets made in an hour, regardless of how complex the scene can be.

I have no ill-feeling towards her and I do respect the fact she still liked my portfolio enough to give me a chance, but if all Archviz is about recreating technical drawings in superfast deadlines, as opposed to working on art that involves a setting or storytelling, then perhaps I was applying to the wrong career?

For reference, this is what my portfolio looks like right now, and is the same one that got me an interview:


At first glance, it’s obviously full of architecture and buildings, but I never intended for my projects to be “one time” pieces that are rendered and forgotten about. In fact, one of my major goals was to create many 3D assets and have them be shared around my projects. That way, I had my asset library or set pieces that could be used to build a world, instead of having to constantly make everything from scratch.

But what kind of job in the industry allows me to do that? My assets have far too much geometry and shader information that it can’t be used for games. So I assume TV/Movie stuff is what I should have always applied to instead?