I got the error: Undo queue is turned off


Can some one tell me why i got the error The undo queue is turned off. I’m frome Sweden and never heard about a word named queue so i want to know what it is and how to fix it.




The “undo queue” is used for remembering most of the things you do in Maya. When it is turned on you can use “ctrl-Z” or “Edit > Undo” to undo an action you have just completed.

It can be turned on and off through:
Windows > Settings and Preferences > Preferences…
If you click on the “Undo” category, you can turn you Undo queue On or Off, as well as set the “Queue Size”. The Queue Size determines how many actions are remembered (i.e. how many you can undo).

You can also do all this through the “undoInfo” mel command.


So go in preferences… and then turn it on. Giving infinte or 50 undo history for instance :beer:


Thanks a lot people. Now i can work again. :bowdown:



I’m not entirely sure of this but I think Maya might turn off the undo qeue when memory gets scarce. Not 100% sure on that.


Yeah, I’ve had it turn off once or twice by itself.


i’ve only had that happen a few times on OSX. never happened to me on 2k, XP, or linux.


my undo queue ‘turns itself off’ about once a day. extremely annoying and i have no idea why.

given that i have no memory errors as far as rendering goes (while other machines do and don’t turn the queue off) i’d guess that it isn’t a memory thing but who knows…


I also had this problem under maya5 / OSX.
first I though there must be a hotkey that I press by coincidence, but thats not it … really anoying thing


never heard about a word named queue

a definition of “queue” for you:

  1. A line of waiting people or vehicles.

a bit more relevant:

  1. A sequence of stored data or programs awaiting processing.

or if we want to relate it directly to the maya undo queue:

a series of past commands stored allowing you to go back and undo them if you need to.
Although i could have probably worded that a bit better.


how do I clear undo history, cause I get errors when undoing after working for a long time, and I wanna know how to clear the memory. :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve had it turn off once or twice by itself.

Could be a script that crashes on execution. Some script turn of the undo queue because you don’t want (for example) layer visibility switches to be undoable. When such a script crashes the undo queue doesn’t get turned on again.

There’s a MEL command to flush the undo, if you bind it to a shel button you’d have an easy way to clear the undo queue:



yes very annoyng… I’ve some time change the right of the maya preferences… Turn write only on… and you may not have errors–


Nisse: det betyder kö på svenska, bara för att förenkla dom tidigare svaren :wink:


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