I can't upload images


I try’d upload some of mine images (with and without thumbnails), but always the same answer:

“The uploaded image file could not be converted.”

(My images are min. 600x600 pixles, RGB with square pixels.) Where is the problem?
Please help me!



I second that. It says the image or the thumbnail cannot be converted, no matter what I do. I saved for web, tried with 600px and 1600px (as it is suggested) but the same message keep appearing Ó__Ò


The same problem…

I tested it with and without with “Save for web” in Photoshop. Also without any special character (like: -, _, space, etc.), but the same answer…


I have the same bugs. (with IE and Firefox)

Perhaps it’s not a Jpg problem: I could upload and re-upload avatars and portfolio banner without problem.


Same problem here.


I have the same problem.


same Problem here “The uploaded image file could not be converted.” no matter what I can’t upload images.


I have the same problem too


Same problem but trying to uptade an old version of an image (i´ve put the same size and weight)


Same problem - can’t upload anything (mentioned it in another thread also)


DITO! same Problem!


same here!!!
and when it does say “the image is saved” i cannot see anything on the gallery!
it uploads the info but the window of the image shows the"x"


hmn… same problem here.

and not sure if it’s just my connection here, the whole site seems to load very slow when i navigate around. Just CGportfolio side…


Yes I’m also experiencing very slow navigation. Is anyone actually working on this problem?


With all the art, it’s a rather heavy site, at the moment we’re trying to iron out the kinks in the system. Once everything is working smoothly we may dip back into the code and try and speed it up.


I uploaded my picture and it said picture saved, but all I see so far is a cross, the picture doesn’t show up.


yesterday i had experienced the same problem, and i thought it were just because of the keywords…
so i had edited the piece, and deleted the keywords, but nothing happens, also it doesn´t appear at cgtalk…

other way round does work, i got my work uploaded to cgtalk, where it was rejected,(why the hell ever)but at cgportfolio it shows up…

is their a way to delete a double post?
at the moment i have two images not showing up.

temporarily i may hide them…

best regards,


Same here, it now says it’s saved the image but there’s nothing appearing, just a grey box.

I really think it’s essential we be given the option to delete images, as it’s a basic part of portfolio management. I know there may be problems if the image is linked to a thread (although can’t the thread just be removed?) but certainly if the image is stand-alone I can’t see any problem in providing a delete function.


same for me now. got a php error too :slight_smile:


same problem here, too. i tried different jpg sizes and more keywords and so on, but after click on save image the red message popup: “The uploaded image file could not be converted.”