Hunt Dougherty Vehicle sketch book


So I’m going to try and start developing this flying hot rod concept a bit more and thought I would share on here. 3D base with paint overs for variation.


Love that you show variations…somewhere along the line that never translated to artist on online portfolios and I never see enough ideation so this is really a reward. Love the initial shapes 2 is my favorite be careful of too many similar size shapes. Great detailing and cant wait to see you add some history and personalization details like lettering symbols etc. Will be following this thread

My only request would be to see some more aggressive or alternate variations for another vehicle in this world model as well


Yo you need to drop some of that wisdom to some of these other youngins;)


Haha thanks for calling me out Travis. Always a struggle to work outside of work. Here’s a lunch study I did of a utility vehicle that got a hover conversion.


Nice haha love it! Now BIGGER brush strokes!


love the sketches up top. it would be cool to see more of that. I agree with travis, bigger brush strokes !