Huge Problem! Fast Reply


I have a huge problem!
Let me explain, i work on a windows and use photoshop cs6.
I was working on a project which costs me the whole day and during the saving process the electricity shut down and my pc shut down at half of the saving process. The psd file is damaged and i can’t open it anymore.
I have to find a way to restore the project, because i need it for work! The auto save folder is empty :sad:
I found a 17 gb temp file which should contain the whole information. How can I load this temp file???
Photoshop didn’t opened the recover file automatically after i launched the program.
So what should I dooo?!!!
I have set the scratch disk to my second hard disk. Where can i find the auto save file (the auto save is active!)

Please Help!
Thanks in advance!


If you didn’t save before the power failed, you are, down the river without a paddle.