Just a heads up, tomorrows 3D Motion Show might be of interest to you


Ok, then fingers crossed for an Indie version :sunglasses:


Why? McGavran cutting features and putting the price up?


Seems like a bigger deal than usual, despite the anticipated and unfunny snark landing here as expected. Keen to see what pops up.


If the 8:30 presentation contains what I think it does, the forums should be lively shortly afterwards.


Whether it’s good or bad, it’s always lively after an announcement…

“OMG, AT LAST, THIS IS AWSOME” vs “WTF? MAXON? Still no Xdugef 2.0?, that’s it I quit, Blender here I come…”

And all the 50 shades inbetween…


Fluff, what do you think it does?


Likely something that is under NDA until the announcement :wink:


Thoughts are under NDA now?


Fluff is likely a beta tester under NDA


Cool. Some good tech coming along, and thank God, more transparency.


We didn’t announce any new transparency features :wink:


Aha! Nice one. I must congratulate you on the brevity of the presentations. Very succinct.


Unfortunately I missed Dave’s announcements… is there a URL anywhere to see it?

Nevermind, found it…:


just go to the live stream and jump back 100 minutes.


wow, project neutron looks really interesting!


No doubt.

So is “Project Neutron” basically C4D’s answer to Blender’s Everything Nodes, or even Houdini?


No, Neutron is neither, it is just the first incarnation of what later will become Cinema 4D. For now it is only a , very capable, Tech demo.


Thanks Srek… It’s very exciting!


Well, looks like a natural progression of XPRESSO and Cinema’s procedural nature. I hoped for something like that for many years. Looks great.
Also USD and updated Viewport sound great (and maybe Hydra under the hood?).