How would I achieve this Holographic glass phone look in C4D/Octane?



I am looking to create something like this in Cinema 4D / Octane. I did try it myself already, but at certain angles, the phone becomes less transparent and you can’t see through the phone. When I turn down my dispersion, I can see through the glass phone again, but I lose that dispersion glass look.

This is what I want to achieve.

This what keeps happening at certain angles.

Would really appreciate the help. Thank you!!!


Have you tried to control opacity with fresnel?


Is this what you want ?


Yes something like that! @vid2k2
Do you know how to achieve this?


Obviously I do, hence the image I posted :wink:
If you mean how did you set up your scene …
Phone object … cube with rounding radius … clear glass material from glass materials
Green object … plane with color and luminance placed in middle of phone object



If I was doing this I wouldn’t be bothering with a full path trace with dispersion, for such a stylised render I’d be faking the lot and draw heavily on fresnels and Colorizer to create the rainbow dispersion effect.

Faking the the refraction can easily be done by animating the texture map of a second phone screen behind the first.

I’d be rendering everything out as AOVs and finesse it in post which is very likely what the makers of the original did.