How to texture this lowpoly building?


I’m a little confused how to texture the lowpoly building in this picture
The image is from this page

I’m still learning modeling, and the building itself is really simple, nothing special to it. But the texturing always confuses me.
If you are texturing this building, where would you put the seems? Is every wall piece has its own texture map?

I’m sorry if this post is in the wrong forum, if it is please tell me where
should I’ve posted it, and be easy on me, English is not my first
language :slight_smile:
I’m using blender by the way, thanks for your help.


Hey, generally you put seams based on where the seam can’t be seen or where there will be a logical change in material. For example,where the roof meets the wall. For your second question, it depends on how you want to texture it. Do you plan to use Photoshop or a specialized app like Substance Painter?