How to stop Voronoi Fracture, fracturing the mesh segments everytime (Solved)



When I’m using Voronoi Fracture on a complex object with many segments, whatever I do, it always fractures the mesh segments too.

As you can see in the example, even though I picked 2 fracture points only and added a 150cm offset fragment value, it will still fracture the rest of the mesh segments (however it doesn’t offset them).

Using Connect Object doesn’t weld the separate segments of the object so that route did not work.

I tried Geometry Glue with a linear falloff for instance and that doesn’t work either. It will only work if the said object is a mesh with a single segment, such as a cube etc.

The only way around I’ve found is to turn the Voronoic Fracture into a mesh (ctrl+c) and pick the unnecessary fractured segments and Connect Objects + Delete but obviously it is not a very partical solution as I cannot go back to the fracture mode anymore.

Thank you


Stupid question: does this need to be a voronoi fracture, or can you use a fracture instead?


Not quite because I’m trying to emulate a bomb explosion. Some segments are way bigger than others so it doesn’t look natural, if you know what I mean. But that’s not the only reason. In this instance, I’m only trying to destroy a certain part of the mesh while keeping the rest intact.


I suppose you could continue with the last bit of your plan - make editable > connect delete but as a final step put the result in a fracture…


In that case
search for a cineversity video by Donovan Keith for C4D R18:
What’s New in R18: Destruction Effects with Voronoi Fracture

  • you can add finer destruction
    Hope that helps


Thank you for the recommedation, I went ahead and watched the video but that doesn’t solve my issue.

I know how to make detailed fractures. In fact in the newer C4D versions, you can use Geometry Glue to combine the rest of the mesh.

However Geometry Glue will not work on Mesh Segments. Voronoi will fracture the mesh into its segments whatever you do. I wonder if I’m using this term correctly here. A segment is a part of a single mesh that you can pick on its own when you’re (say) editing polygons and you double click a polygon where it will pick the rest of the segment.

Like here:

When you double click that are, it will select the whole segment, right?
So in this example, this model is full of many segments and Voronoi Fracture will fracture the mesh into its segments even if you pick 2 fracture points.


It’s not really fracturing those. They are already separate islands. So changing the number of sources has no impact on that. I don’t quite get what the problem is though. If you don’t turn them dynamics, they will behave just as before fracturing. And the dynamic state can be controlled through manual or procedural selection to restrict the simulation to the parts that you want.


Ah yes, finally. There you go.

I never thought about restricting the dynamics using mograph selection.

I actually keep forgetting that Voronio Fracture is yet another Mograph object.

It works perfectly, thank you.