How to scale these free rigs? (Mery and Ray)


For my animation class, I chose to use two free rigs I found online, Mery and CGTarian’s Ray. I ran into a problem where one of the characters was much larger than the other but I couldn’t find a way to scale either of them. Neither of them had global controls or anything I could use to properly change their size when I looked through the outliner. Is there anyone here well versed with rigging and knows ways to properly scale either model who can help me out?

These are free (and safe) to download in case anyone wants to take a look at them themselves/


Any help is appreciated.


Hi ! there is a Global scale option in the channel box for both rigs:

  • Ray; select ray_ac_cn_base.
  • Merry; select Mery_ac_cn_global.



The global scale distort the cloth of merry when i make it low value…Any solution?