How to rigging a delta robot in Cinema 4d?


As shown in the figure above, the first arm (blue) of the parallel robot can only rotate around the Y axis, and the second arm (gray) can rotate around three axes.
Currently I’m animating by way of simulation, adding connectors in between , but this is not an intuitive way to rig it.
I have tried using the Ik method (ik solver in 3d mode), but I cannot limit the rotation of the first arm, although in the official documentation, it can be set through the Limit in the kinematics rollout, but this setting does not work at all.
Can someone help me?
this is c4d file
delta robot.c4d (3.5 MB)


I built this a few years ago, see if it helps. It’s not perfect as I recall, but it may help you sort things out.

robot-3-rigged.c4d (9.0 MB)


Thank you very much for your help.
I opened the file, the delta robot used ik rigging, but the first arm will still rotate around three axes.
Thanks again for your sharing.

In addition, I found in 3dsmax that hd ik solver can solve this kind of problem ,
and there is lock ik xyz in blender to solve this kind of problem.
But in Cinema 4D, although the official document records that the rotation of ik is limited by the limit parameter in the kinematics rollout, it does not seem to work.


I meant to answer this. When you want to constrain something to follow a target on only one axis in Cinema 4D, you use an UP constraint. You use it WITHOUT an aim constraint, just the up constraint. The Up axis will be the the axis that should point at the target & the ‘axis’ is the axis around which it will rotate. This is the main principle of mechanical rigging in Cinema 4D.

This tutorial explains it in the simplest way, with no extra stuff: