How to remove the space between clonned objects?


Hi guys!
I am using Cloner with Random effector but my only problem is the gap between cloned objects caused by random scale and position, is there any way to remove those gaps?

In case you have ever tried the pileup effector by Arttu Rautio you can now clearly understand what I want to achieve.


My first question would be why you do not want to use this effector when it does what you need.


Well, pileup effector only works in 1 axis at a time, so you have to pick the axis in the setting :frowning:

So if I clone an object in all directions the pileup effector stack them all on the selected axis


So rather clone packing than clone stacking?
You might need a solution with dynamics. Wild guess :wink:


follow the force.c4d (266.0 KB)
Something like this, unless I still got the wrong idea.


Nice hack :slight_smile: Thanks