How to remove any reference to Corona or V-Ray from a MAX file?



This is a pervasive problem whose investigation I have been postponing for a while. I download some model from a website. Many are based on V-Ray with the second most common 3rd. party renderer being Corona. Am interested in evaluating the geometry only.

The latest is a delivery from a Freelancer. I went into the Asset Tracking and Material Editor:

However, I keep on getting this and similar errors:


The author tells me that he inadvertently must have added some kind of Corona asset but he does not know how to clean it up.


-Ramon F. Herrera
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Hi Ramon,

If you are using Max 2018 or better you can use the scene converter to remove any missing assets.

If you using an older version you might try a search on Scriptspot - there are a few like this one:

Good luck!


Ah, that is one of the tools that I have never used. Time to learn it.

My versions of 3ds Max are recent: 2019 and 2020, but Freelancers deliver as far back as 2014.


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