How to realize Clone Rendered Frame Window?


Hello, how do you implement MAX’s clone rendering frame window function? I checked the MAX documentation, but I still do n’t know how to implement this function. I want to use handles or other methods to implement it, but my technology is not enough.


try this

for w in UIAccessor.GetPopupDialogs() do
	local is_vfb_window = ((UIAccessor.GetWindowResourceID w) == 0) and (filenameFromPath(UIAccessor.GetWindowDllFileName w) == "bmm.dll") and (windows.getHWNDData w)[4] == "#32770"

	if is_vfb_window do
		local vfb_window_hwnd = UIAccessor.GetFirstChildWindow w
		windows.sendmessage vfb_window_hwnd 0x111 0x10B 0


display (getLastRenderedImage())


Thank you very much.