How to put the different maps of a texture into a Vray material?



I try to render photorealistic materials. Fo that, I’ve downloaded a texture with a lot of different maps for testing. Can you help me ? I’ve to know how I must place those maps into my Vray material.

Diffuse : into the diffuse slot, no pb

Bump : into the bump slot, ok

Rough : into the rougness slot

AO : ?

Normal : ?

Specular : ?

Displace : when I put it into the displace slot, I have a bad result, do I have to create a VrayDisplacement or something like that ?

Thx a lot for your help :grinning:



The AO:

In your diffuse channel, use a composite map and put your diffuse material in the bottom layer. On top of that create a new layer and put your AO map into there, and set it to “multiply” mode.


In the bump slot, choose a vray normal map - then use your normal map in the normal map slot.


Use this in a Vray displacement modifier for best results


Use this in the glossiness slot